Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rainy Day but busy despite

So much to do today and it is raining to beat the band. However, there are a few things I can do inside where it is warm and dry.

I'm still going to complete my memory of my visit to Solesmes, FR and post it to the blog;

Get the chicken legs going in the crockpot and do a bit of housecleaning.

Go to WalMart and check them out to see if they have the Modge Podge for paper product. It will be cheaper than Michael's.

Later I'll take my mom out to get her hair cut. I hate taking her out in this weather but we'll make it fast.

More interior keep me warm and dry activities will include putting the pieces of Lindsey's baby sweater together. Biene and I went to House of Java after work and she showed me how to put it all together. I put two pieces together and it looked wonderful. THEN right in the middle of a totally unrelated conversation I realized that I had sewn the front panel all the way across the back panel leaving no space for the baby's neck. Jeeze!! The good news in that I managed to take it apart (with a good dose of help from B) and then cleaned it up last night. All is well and I should have it finished quickly and then I will continue on to my next sweater which will be a fluffy yellow one. I might even be able to post a picture of the completed sweater as long as I manage to get a new battery for Don's digital camera today.

David just called. Looks like we will be meeting for our coffee at Starbucks as usual I love getting together with my brother like this.

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vicci said...

I so love these old churches Annie...growing up back East all the churches are old...and I miss it! Enjoy your coffee at Starbucks....