Thursday, March 23, 2006

Taking a Break

It is coming on to 4:00 p.m. I’m going to lean back for a moment, take a break and stretch a bit. It is actually feeling like Spring in the valley. The sun is shining, the temp is in the high 60’s, the almond trees are blooming white, the clouds are sparse but the few that are here are fluffy cotton balls. It is the best time of the year now. Like early Fall, it is so bright and crisp and the worst of the allergens have passed, at least the ones that bother me.

I started a postcard for Jane last night using my new watercolor pencils. This is a new medium for me and I like it very much. I plan to stop by Michael’s after work and pick up some Diamond Glaze. I think that this will make a better seal than modge podge because it is not so tacky feeling. My stamps I ordered from Photo Stamps were shipped today. I’ll send my card to Jane after the stamps arrive so she can see my personalized artwork stamps. I hope they have a nice appearance. The picture on the order form looked very jagged. With luck, the stamps will have a clear image.

Tomorrow Biene comes down off her mountain to show me how to put together the parts for a baby sweater I am knitting for Lindsey and Charlie. With luck, I’ll be able to take the afternoon off and we can play a bit. It would be nice to go to Purlz & Gurlz to look over the 2-ply yarn selection since Michael’s does not seem to have 2-ply, only 3-ply or heavier weight. I’ll scan the postcard in after I finish it (tonight?).

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