Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What a Day

What a frustrating day this has been so far and it only 10:30 a.m. I'm working on faculty workload reports that take forever. Then, I knock over my calculater and the paper spool comes apart and has to be fixed. Of course this involves crawling around under my desk and my left knee just LOVES that. Then I disconnect the printer. Sheesh. Have cleared my desk now. All is repaired and I'm getting back to work. I wish I was at home dumping more stuff that I don't need in my studio.

The good news - YES, there IS good news - is that I received three email confirmations yesterday that postcards had arrived in Finland (2) and Portugal. So that freed me up to ask for three more postcards from If you have not seen this site, check it out. It is fabulous. THEN I received two cards in the mail. One each from Portugal and Finland. I sent a message to both of them via postcrossing and asked if they wanted a postcard from me. I like to return the favor. Portugal said yes. I find it interesting that not everyone says yes to the offer of an unofficial postcard because it is a very common thing that is done (according to the website). Anyway, four postcards in the outgoing mail today. It's 75 cents each but so worth it.

More later. Back to work. SIGH!

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