Monday, April 10, 2006

52 pick up

I have a habit of creating idealized images of myself. Dream (below) is an ATC collage I made a couple of years ago. What first attracted me was the back of the female figure. I hope I'm not breaking every copyright law known to man by using it. I don't sell my work. I create from bits and pieces I find here and there and just for my own satisfaction. This particular ATC was traded off to someone else like much of my work is. This has left me with little of my own work other than what I have scanned to retain the image. I miss not being able to hold my own work.

I recently decided to start a new project of creating a deck of 5x7 cards, 52 in all. I'm starting with my previously created ATCs and altered pages as a starting place for inspiration. I won't be able to create them again exactly as before but I'll have these now to hold and keep.

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Laini said...

That image below is lovely. I've been exploring the use of single powerful words combined with images, too. Look forward to seeing your deck as it develops!