Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Emergency Room

What is WRONG with all of you?
This is a waiting room, not party central.
This room is so cold.
The curtain between two beds is too thin.
Shrieking fear and protests of a child being treated.
Conversation overheard that should be whispered.
Beeping and Pinging.
Smells sharp and anticeptic.
The quiet sobs of my daughter.
The surprising comfort of a blanket fresh from the warmer.
Emergency room


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I am surprised how anyone can heal in a hospital, with all the noise and carrying on and lack of human warmth...Can you imagine the power healing would take if both human comfort and medicine were in teh same place?
I hope your daughter is okay?!

Jeremy said...

Hope everything's ok.

vicci said...

Oh yuk Annie...where is this???? I always said that hospitals make people "more sick"...hope all is well!?

AnnieElf said...

All is well. Kris is back to her old self. Well, more or less. She went through a bad seige and scared me to death but all is well. Thank you all for your concern,