Thursday, April 13, 2006

St. Clare's Retreat Center

Silent retreats at St. Clare's are so rejuvenating. I went to them three years in a row and then stopped. I need to go again. St. Clare's is in Soquel, CA in the Santa Cruz mountain.


Jeremy said...

Hello Annie

I was interested to read your comments on solitude versus isolation. I'd have thought that it depends on the type of person one is as to their view of being temporarily isolated. Some people would thrive on it and for some it would be a thoroughly bad idea. These types of people have always been the same (regardless of how gregarious they are when not on their own) but I'm sure that modern communication has made people in the latter camp even more unwilling to lose their ever-increasing modes of communication.
I think I fit in to that category, unfortunately. However, I do like the postcards idea. I used to write to people regularly and used to love opening and reading letters back. Now all I open is junk mail and bills, which have less appeal.
I like the irony of this, bemoaning the passing of the written word by e-mail! But I'll gladly send you a card from sunny UK if you like.

Thanks for your comment about my picture. I'm glad you liked it. I hope I still have it in me to produce some more like that.

Al the best, Jeremy

Holly Stinnett said...

Just lovely - I adore Santa Cruz - spent many of my younger years there. It's a wonderful spot in CA.!!!

Cate said...

Hi! I wanted to comment on your Sunday Scribblings' post but couldn't, so I just slipped down here, to your St. Clare's entry, and I'm going to hijack it!

Your words are beautiful. You made me recall so much of my own childhood, not necessarily driving anyplace, but waiting, in the back of the car at the flea market, for my parents to return from "shopping."

It was interesting to read how the night sky has changed a bit-saddens me somehow, as though I expect the world to stand-still. Thank you for taking me to those remarkable moments that you spent traveling. I am glad that you were inspired this week and I hope that you are inspired next week, as well!