Saturday, April 22, 2006

To the Rescue

The creek was dry and a pocket of water was pooled under this rock. Two koi had been trapped in there since at least February. It is now April. The first picture shows John clearing rock and debris away. Then he slid in the leaf skimmer and lifted out one of the koi. They were both white so the contrast against the white net of the skimmer is not favorable. But believe me, he's there. In the third picture you can see the skimmer on the edge of the screen. The small white koi in the background is the second of the rescued fish. The two boys discovered the fish when they crawled around and under the rock. They ran and told John and Don about them. Way to go kids.

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Yoli B. said...

You oughta sell this story to the Turlock Journal or The Signal. . it is a great warm and fuzzy rescue story. Look, the worst they can say is they are not interested. It would be quiet FUN!!
At least for The Signal, these fish are like mascots of the university campus ponds.
Just my humble opinion.