Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Walking the walk

Saturday was walking day. Not that it was a scheduled thing but after lunch Francine got Kris and I out walking. So we three ladies dressed in pink plus Gary were off. First bit of news, "look up the hill Annie, that is where we are going". Oh my, I am thinking to myself. I am so out of shape. Will I embarrass myself by breaking down? Will my back spazz out on me? Will my feet in their fake Burkies fail me? There was only one way to find out so I was off. I have to admit that going UP the hill after the deceptively easy start was a real shock. Several stops to catch my breath in the company of the patient and supportive Gary got me to the top. Kris and Phaa had scooted way ahead of us by this time but the trip was worth it. The walk to the top of the hill through several blocks of neighbor ended up at a fabulous view of the entire lower South Bay. I was so proud of myself. I actually did it and never once indulged in a mental grumble over how the heck I had gotten to this moment in time. I felt instead a great sense of achievement. I also discovered that walking and confronting and conquering a hill was much more achievable and interesting than walking on a treadmill and programming in a hill. THAT is totally boring and easy to turn away from. But that HILL!! I just was not going to let it beat me. Unfortunately, now back at home there isn't a hill in sight. Not even a ripple.

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vicci said...

Oh Annie...This looks like fun! Wish I could have walked with you! I'm jealous! I Can't even think of wearing sandals in this weather...You Go Girl!!!!!! Love Ya