Sunday, May 07, 2006

52 Influential Books #3 - Speciman

Speciman was the prompt word for this week. I thought this might create a problem but with amazing quickness, I found the perfect book to present for this word. Going back to anthropology/archeology studies days way back in the midst of time, I discovered the Bushmen of the Kalihari Desert. As a people, they totally fascinated me. They were able to create a society in what, on the surface, is a desolate setting. Not only did they create it, they thrived. Then this funny little film called The Gods Must Be Crazy came along and it reinforced my interest in these remarkable people. For those of you who have not seen this very funny movie, run don't walk, to your nearest video rental shop. No hints will be found here. Just kick back and enjoy.

Anyway, getting back to this week's card. I take no credit for the drawings. Some anonymous Bushman artist gets THAT nod. But what I did do was scan the cover of the book and then print it as a sketch onto watercolor paper. Watercolor pencils provided the color medium. I take credit for the little red, green, and black zigzag on the edge and of course the three little hearts which keeps this card within the spirit of this challenge (making a set of playing cards).

Using artistic license, I extended the meaning of "influential book" and decided that this did indeed fit. Albeit, the Bushman are a narrow audience, but this book is their oral history, their myths, their relationship to the spiritual world around them. And these were hugely significant and influential on the development of their society.


biene said...

Love the card!!! So, did you see the movie? I saw that movie, as well as Mondo Cane, with that "Oscar" music. Oh, God, that was such a long time ago, I feel positively ancient! My older sister told me about it, and you'd be surprised at how often I think about that bushman. No kidding. Remember the end with that Coca-Cola bottle?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I loved this movie, i need to see it again!!

paris parfait said...

So creative! And I loved the movie; saw it for the first time in 1995 and laughed 'til I cried.

Ally Bean said...

i love that movie. saw it two times in the theatre when it first came out. now i need to add it to the netflix queue.

your card is lovely-- a perfect rendering of the heart and color of the kalihari. by any chance, were you drinking a Coke while you made it? :-)