Friday, May 05, 2006

Studio Friday - Sounds in My Studio

Paw Kitty as she carefully picks her way through my ephemera;

The tap of the computer keyboard;

The whoosh of papers as the pages of a book are turned;

The unfortunate sound of a cat being sick on the rug . . . again;

Gus scratching at the door to be let in;

The sound of the TV filtering in from the family room;

The murmur of Kris' voice as she talks on the phone.


Joy Eliz said...

I have to laugh about the cat getting sick...I am always hearing wretching at my house with 2 cats and 2 dogs.
I have a shoebox for scrap paper one time I looked down and saw my cat sitting in it like a chicken on a nest! And of course he looked so cute I didn't move him. Now I have to blow the hair off all my paper before I glue it:)

Going For Greatness said...

Isn't it funny how the mere mention to sit a moment and listen can heighten our senses? Great entry!

Lisa said...

Ode to a hairball...the sound of cats wretching is all too familiar a sound. How could I have possibly forgotten that one?

The red clock is smashing on the yellow wall!

Joy Eliz said...

I had to come back...I just saw your profile favorites...
I LOVE SciFi...I am so glad they have the SciFi channel!
I just saw Bride and Prejudice...(Bollywood is so fun to watch!) Have you seen The Guru...
And I think Griffin & Sabine was my first exposure to collage-like stuff. Love it!

hazzbuzz said...

Captured the moment beautifully, that's one that didn't get away. (J went fishing today, so I'll soon find out if he was so lucky.)

paris parfait said...

It's great how you can make these everyday moments sound like poetry!

Abbie said...

Ah!! I love the cat getting sick! I have too little miniature pinschers and one of them is always throwing up! Lovely post!
:) Abbie