Saturday, May 20, 2006

Urban Gardens

My neighbor behind me is an amazing urban gardener. He has a huge backyard that is filled with the most wonderful bounty of fruits and vegetables. And please note, I am definitely talking city lot here. When we returned home last week I found a bag full of gorgeous onions that Frank had left for us. I spent a pleasant half hour this morning trimming and clean them. Now I am off to look for a recipe for a rich and thick French onion soup.


Jeremy said...

Somehow I think you might soon be receiving some authentic french recipes.

AnnieElf said...

I sure hope so Jer. I'm sort of hoping Corey will see that and offer something up. Hint, hint, Corey. :-)

trailbee said...

How'd you get me in there, when I can't even do it? Thanks. Right now French Onion Soup sounds fantastic. I once had FOS in SF eons ago, and it was so good, and SOOOOOO expensive. I still smile about it. Really good FOS is very hard to find. Good luck. Oh, I bet Julia Child did it in one of her books!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Onion Soup
saute onions in butter lots of it, now don't be tempted to eat this straight from the pan...
when the onions have cried their stiffness out, and a pan of boiling water sits nearby with a darling wilted bouquet of herbs inside, and rinds of parmesons
Slip in the onions,
pour in white wine
add some vermouth too!
Blend with lotsa cream..I am coming over!!

vicci said...

Those onions look wonderful! Save me some soup!