Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A-Z meme

After seeing this around on a few blogs and random invitations to join in, well here I am. No official tagging from me either but it would be fun to see Biene or Beth (you KNOW who you are) try this. It was fun and definitely lightened up the mood on my blog which has been mildly depressed lately.

accent: California all the way. Not very distinctive. Of course if I was in the bootheel of Missouri, they would beg to differ.

booze: You name it, I like. However it doesn't like me. Half a drink and my knees go wobbly. I tell my DH I've saved him lots of money over the years because I'm such a cheap date.

chore I hate: Just about all of them. Maintenance keeps things together and the dust bunnies get moved occasionally. When you have three cats, the order of the day is just keeping up with their shedding.

dogs/cats: Paw Kitty - queen of the castle. The boys know they will get in trouble if they mess with her. The boys are Gus and Vinnie. They both adopted us. There isn't much you can do when they plant themselves on the front porch and prefer to starve rather than go searching for other suckers. They know they have already found them.

essential electronics: Canon digital, cell/camera phone, computer, CD player

favorite perfume/cologne: L'Air du Temps and Deci Della

gold/silver: Both. 50/50

hometown: Oakland California but I never lived there. We settled in San Diego when I was 12 and I didn't leave there until I was 27.

insomnia: not usually Thank God

job title: Admin Support in our regional university's Music Department. Big program, lots of responsibility and just lil' ol' me.

kids: two, a son 26 and a daughter 21.

living arrangements: Casual and comfy.

most admired trait: I listen. Casual acquintances have been known to talk to me about serious issues and solicit my input. Lots of trust in that and I don't talk about other people's "stuff".

number of sexual partners: Uh-Uh.

overnight hospital stays: one week for toxemia during first pregnancy.

phobia: Cockroaches!! and other crawly things

quote: I am not in this world to live up to other peope's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine. ~ Fritz Perls

religion: Strong Roman Catholic

siblings: one younger sister and one younger brother

time I usually wake up: 6am must days

unusual talent: I missed out on the unusual talent gene. Darn.

vegetable I refuse to eat: Eggplant and Olives and HOT peppers

worst habit: blogging when I should be doing work at work. Oops! Well not that much otherwise nothing would get accomplished.

x-rays: broken ankle

yummy foods I make: lasagne, Flank stead stuffed with onions and bacon, Italian sauces and meatballs, bread pudding

zodiac sign: I'm a Scorpio with Cancer rising. Family is everything.


biene said...

I don't know. Would feel a little weird. Other: tried to post some cactus stuff, keep getting disconnect by my IP. Shall try again in the am. It's B day - the first bloom should be open. I'll consider the A-Z with no promises.

paris parfait said...

Love finding out more yummy details about you, Annie! I'd like to sample those culinary skills. :)

Colorsonmymind said...

Cool meme.


Ally Bean said...

living arrangements: Casual and comfy.

good answer. we all should be like that.

enjoyed your meme answers. thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

Ok,,Ms.Elf,,,you know I love the name you made for me! You so make me look things in a very good way! And I am going to take your challenge here! Check my blog in a few!

boliyou said...

Great a-z, thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Now I know more about you! Thanks for sharing :)