Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm Fixed - late Grateful Friday

I'm FIXED. And my thanks to Tara, Tammy, Autrice, and AscenderRising for sending your suggestions for assistance. Lord, I hope I did not forget anyone. It is much appreciated. Here is what happened and I pass this along in case you find yourself faced with the same problem.

I noticed that the sidebar problem started at a particular entry so I went into that post (in this case it was the book recommendation post). I looked through all the html tags and nothing seemed out of place but then I realized that instead of connecting the book title with a link, I simple pasted the link into the body of the text. So, I cut the website address from the body of the post and linked it using the icon in the message bar. Problem solved.

Since this problem started on a Friday, I will post this now as a Grateful Friday entry. I am grateful that this happened because it lead me to start backing up all my post since March. I'm copying them into a word document that will be used in a few months (after much editing) to become Volume One of Memories that I will give to my children at Christmas every year. I hope to be doing this blog for many decades to come and my children will have a tangible reminder of me, their parents, their family, and their life.

Thanks again to all,


trailbee said...

It is wonderful to have so many knowledgeable blogger friends! I'm so glad you got this fixed. I hope you don't mind if I copy and paste this information. I know I'm going to need it! Thanks also for the coffee and chat. Did you have your battery checked?

Autrice DelDrago said...

What a wonderful idea! Your kids will have something to look back on... a reminder of their savvy mum and her blog!

paris parfait said...

Annie, what a wonderful gift for your children and future grandchildren. Great idea to back everything up and print out the posts - I haven't been doing that and I really must! As for you solving the problem, I didn't help, other than offer moral support. :) Happy Monday! xo

pepektheassassin said...

Nice to meet you, Annie! I am doing the same thing for my children and grandchildren, But I didn't know you could back it up and print it out. I haven't been doing that either, but now I will check it out. Thanks! I'll come back and visit again!

mikim said...

What a wonderful idea, creating a memory book! I must start doing the same. Thanks for the idea.

ms*robyn said...

that is a terrific idea. I should do that with daily parcels, my first blog. so many memories there.
a great idea as a Christmas gift!

Golden Granny said...

Hi Annie,
I loved your poem for your Dad. You are so talanted.May not be spelled corrrect LOL.

I have a blogg now and trying to learn how to do it. Beth put it in for me other day. She showed me how to write and put pictures in it. I will never get as good as you and Beth in blogging, but I will do what I can. Hope you have a wonderful 4th and God Bless You.
My Blogg is Granny's Golden Years.