Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lost Wednesday again

It's Lost Wednesday again with Erika and I contributing a bit of musing on the most mysterious program on TV these days. I've gathered up the thoughts of the faithful from last week. Some of them are baffled like me.

1. It's all a big experiment of human behavior by scientist nut jobs.

2. People are connected for a reason - reason to be determined.

3. One faithful viewer thinks that WE might be the real lab rats with the producers stringing us along to see how long we can take it. (Personally, I think this has some merit.)

4. They might all be dead and on the island to sort out what was unfinished in their past life. Hummm. Purgatory?

5. Ultimate theory - they are all children of the Others sent out into the world and now returned. Here's a thought though - it looks like the parents aren't happy with their return and are "eating their children".

One comment indicated "All I hope is that when the series eventually ends it is a worthwhile ending with all loose ends tied up. What do you think?" What DO you think?

Now that I've gotten passed the withdrawal period, I genuinely miss the smart writing and unexpected twists and turns of this show and can't wait for Fall. However, one thing - when it does return, it would be nice if we had more that 5-6 new episode and then go into repeats until January. Whatever happened to straight through viewing?


paris parfait said...

OK, well I can see I really must order that DVD! :)

Tammy said...

Here, here on repeats! I need just a little more info because not knowing drives me nuts!

Daisy Lupin said...

Wow, I don't know how you manage with watching 5-6 episodes and then going into repeats. In England we had the first series in a straight run every Wednesday evening and because of its popularity they started the second series a few weeks ago, on Tuesday evenings, instead of waiting until autumn. I just saw the episode last night, where Shannon is shot. Though I have looked at the official website and know what is coming up, because it still doesn't answer the questions and doesn't spoil it, just gives you more to think about. I would love to know if there is a definite plot plan and definite ending or are they just seeing how many seasons they can spin it out for, and when people get fed up bring it to an abrupt and unsatisfying end. I just can't help being hooked on it though.