Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quanah's Haikus

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Imagine my surprise when Quanah told me that he had written three haikus on his way back home from Ohio. He just sent them to me this morning. I'm so delighted with them that I had to share them here. I'll have to ask him where he was when they came to him.

Sunrise I
Shades of blue ascend
Lights conquest has now begun
Day has conquered night

Sunrise II
Shades of blue ascend
Light in love illumines world
Day has broken night

Sunrise III
Heaven's Light above
Breaks through dark to make descent
The dawn has cometh


trailbee said...

Fantastic! These are so harmonious and sublime. Annie, you didn't even have to wait to transfer and give your blog to Quanah - he's already picked up your baton is running with it. When do you think he is going to create his own? Thanks for returning the call. I'm so glad Francine is here with you and you can have some fun. But, yes, I missed your blog for the last two days.

Colorsonmymind said...

These are really good

Beth said...

Quanah has your wonderful talent with words, I know you are proud. I have missed you the last few days. I finally figured out the blog links,,thanks to you my friend.
Have fun with your company!

paris parfait said...

Aha, so the talent runs in the family! Beautiful, all!

Cate said...

A talented mother and a talented son! Thank you for sharing his gift with us!