Sunday, July 30, 2006

SIBLINGS - Part II - At the Marin Headlands

After we left Gold Gate Park, we headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the popular things to do when you are visiting the City is to walk across the bridge. There is a parking area for walkers and then you take off. The views are magnificent. Walking the bridge would have been a first for me and I was a bit leary of doing this mainly because of the cold. As it turned out, the parking lot was full so walking the bridge will have to be saved for another day. However, we had a great Plan B. We headed over to Sausolito but on the way stopped at the Marin Headlands, a beach area I had never visited before. The place was just so incredible. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Please be sure to click on the link to learn more.

This was just the most perfect day. After two weeks of stress and fears, getting away from it all was so healing. I returned completed unwound and relaxed. The heady experience of the City, its beauty, its sights, the adventure, and the magnificent smell of the headlands all conspired to clear my head and more or less clear my heart. I am strengthened and rejuvenated and filled with the love of my brother and sister and our complete togetherness on the very important matter of taking care of mom.


Autrice DelDrago said...

Welcome back, in body, mind and spirit!

The beach is stunning! I'm so glad the three of you got to spend this time together!

Becca said...

Annie, the photos are beautiful, and a perfect background for the pics of you and your family. I'm thinking your mom would be so pleased to see the three of you together and enjoying yourselves in this way. It's almost as if she's given you this gift of time together. Thanks for certainly lifted my spirits.

BTW, I posted about SF today too, e.g. the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park!

miss*R said...

and those days will be remembered forever. blessings & bliss to you sweet annie xox

paris parfait said...

Oh, Annie am so glad you had such a fantastic day in San Fran! Your lovely photos have made me homesick. Sigh. Can there be a more beautiful place in the US than San Fran?