Monday, October 02, 2006

Random Moments #1

I've been feeling so scattered lately. Haven't been able to focus on anything. But life keeps moving forward so I decided that instead of being all organized with my writing, I would take a page for the style book of James Joyce and just let it flow.

Quanah and Erin spent a day exploring Pittsburgh PA during one of his recent visits there. I'm at work when the cell phone rings. Because of mom, I always have my cell phone on. Well, surprise! It's Q and he and Erin are at the Build-A-Bear factory in Pittsburgh. Have any of you heard of this? Anyway, Q called for feedback about the appearance of the bear and I received detailed descriptions of size, texture, color and degree of softness. The end result was Bubba the Bear. Yes, Bubba. That is his official name and he comes complete with a birth certificate giving all of the important vital statistics of a newly built bear.

The box arrived and rather than open it, I delivered it to mom. She tore at it with all the strength and grace of a two month old puppy. What a mess. What fun. I chose to post the picture above because I love mom's hands. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to post a picture of mom here now because she is a very different woman than the lady you see in prior entries. I started to quiz my sibs but my gut kept saying that mom's hands were beautiful and she would not want to be put on public display. So no face, just those beautiful hands as she hugs Bubba and Monkey.


the Caitlinator said...

This post is so touching in so many ways. Thanks for sharing, Annie.

trailbee said...

What a wonderful idea. Thanks, Anne.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

Annie, a few weeks ago I deliberately took a photo of my moms hands. I had her place them on a green throw pillow so they would be showcased properly. I have a thing about hands and plan to do something artistic with that photo. I think it's wonderful you took this photo. Our mothers hands hold lots of history in them.

Tammy said...

Beautiful photo Annie! Her hands clutching the bear is touching.