Thursday, November 30, 2006


Sea lions beneath the wharf Nov. 06

I was visiting Laini's Grow Wings site and read the most remarkable stories of sea lion aggression. These individual events, when clustered together are an object reminder that these animals must be respected and not messed with in any way. When we were at Santa Cruz Wharf last weekend, I took a few pictures of the sea lions that live and laze beneath the wharf. Their barking call back and forth is pretty impressive as is their size. If one of these beachmasters wanted my particular spot on the beach, I would definitely give way.


Lee-ann said...

Annie, a great photo, yes they could sit any place on the beach and I would move over for them too! lol lol lol

I am off now to read the story you suggested we go to take a look at.

have a great day my friend.

Sue said...

Hi Annie,
Everytime I see Sea Lions, I am reminded of our trip to the Sea Lion Caves in Oregon. Oh my goodness, the smell is one that could not be believed. Our kids still talk about that trip!

paris parfait said...

Amen! I used to see the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran and they could be quite aggressive.

miss*R said...

I remember when I visited San Francisco - those sealions were amazing.
hey ! has the postie been yet?

Beth said...

Wow,,those are some big animals. I definetly would let them have my spot on the beach too. Have a great week-end Annie!

trailbee said...

On the other end of the size spectrum: Eons ago the San Diego Zoo did a story of the extremely aggressive behavior between the birds in their Aviary Display. In the animal world, I think it's all about food and mating rights. How simple is that?