Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If I could, I would live by the ocean.
I don't but that could change.
Meanwhile, I can look at the tide of leaves
spreading across a sea of grass.

The morning started out gray and damp
moved on to rain
and returned to gray and damp
but through it all the colors burst through.


Star said...

Love your pictures today. "tide of leaves" is such a good description

I'm with you; I would love to live by the ocean (or any water for that matter) but it is not likley.

Keep the wonderful pics coming!

Susie said...

Beautiful colors Annie! I would live by the ocean too if I could, but probably is not going to happen!
Blogger is letting me comment on some beta sites today, so hope it works here too!

Maryellen said...

Annie: That top picture is great. Congrats on seeint it, and I'm thinking you got your knees wet taking it. Tee hee. I'll leave this picture alone, nature never needs to be altered.

trailbee said...

Don't you just love these seasons?! My oak leaves are turning this ugly, horrible brown; but blendeding in with the evergreens, this is perfect, so beautiful. Thanks for the photos, Anne.

Anonymous said...

These pics are so pretty! And the words match them so well. We are almost all over with our Fall color, here. Lucky you! I was hoping for a longer season...

:)Amber (believingsoul)

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photos, Annie! And I liked living by the ocean when I rented a cottage in Pacific Grove, but it's quite cold at night. And the salt from the ocean air gets into everything, encouraging rust. But given the chance, I'd definitely grab a place by the ocean. :)