Friday, January 12, 2007

Hats for Kids

I have become quite a fan of Frida and would like to send her a shipment of hats, scarves, and mittens for the children she serves in Afghanistan. If you can donate to this endeavor, please write me for my mailing address. I hope to gather up enough to get a box out to her while there is still much cold weather need. Also, please feel free to link this request to your blog so we can get the word out. Thanks, Annie


cityfarmer said...

I will definitely see what I an do.

Frida World said...

Annieelf, thank you so much. When my lovely man and I were shopping for clothes for the children at the orphanage here we were frustrated at the lack of decent woollen goods, we had to settle in most cases for fleece. I

f you can get things to me I can promise to distribute them, probably with a little bit of hit and miss - like my experience in Ghor - but with our best efforts to identify the most needy children and put the goods directly into/onto their hands!

I was just reading your personal statement - about "putting it out there" and "making ripples". I think it is an amazing thing this internet, talk about making ripples!

One Crabapple said...

you bet I wanna donate....hopefully you can return reply email me so I can get your addy...I think I have your addy at my home computer...will try you in the morning. This is pretty great. Thank you for the invitation to help. How could I not after reading this and using your link to visit Frida and hear her story.
Love, S.

jenclair said...

Me, too. Will need your address. My email address is on my profile. Great cause.

Sioux said...

I have read some of Freida's blog. Great work she is doing. I may just use the paypal button. Thank you.

Linda said...

I would like to help too. Please send me information where I can send my contribution to. My email is TY

Lisa(oceandreamer) said...

I will absolutely fact can I bring them with me next weekend...or should we send them ourselves??
Last year we took all the pennies we had sort of tossed in things and donated them. the owner of a local quilt shop has a young daughter who created a penny drive. All of the money was gathered and sent to a missionary in Africa for school supplies. That little girl raised a quite a bit of $ but she also raised our spirits by her own actions.

stephanie said...

I found my way to your via Sandy at One Crabapple. I would love to help out. Please let me know where I can send some warm woolies to reach Frida's hands.

Cheryl said...

Hi Annie:

I would love to send you some gloves etc......can you please send me your address to where you want the items sent please or perhaps post it on your next blog posting? Also, what is your deadline....what is the latest date you can have items to be sent? Thank you soo much for your helping Frida help the children!!

In Christ,
Cheryl in Louisville, KY

(you can send me your address etc to: OR Thank you!)

eb said...

Please e-mail me your address so that we can respond - many thanks - xox - eb.

eb said...
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AnnieElf said...

Dear eb,

I can't click on your name to find an email at a blogsite and your confirmation comes up without an email address. My email is Look forward to hearing from you. Annie