Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Things Treasure Chest - Feb. 4th - 10th

Feb. 4th -
Excellent homily. The Colts won. Did a lot of writing today.

Feb. 5th -
Two more boxes out the door. Cleaned the oven cabinet with mineral spirits. Tomorrow I prime.

Feb. 6th -
Today is bright and beautiful. Then I found out I had to have oral surgery on three teeth. I know there must be a silver lining in here somewhere.

Feb. 7th -
Lost is back and on tonight. Sixteen new episodes coming up. Yippee!!

Feb. 8th -
Box #8 out the door today.

Feb. 9th -
The tooth came out with relative ease. Pharaceuticals made it all very easy today.
I spent the afternoon watching this funny little show on the E! called High Maintenance 90210. Total amusement for a rainy day and an upper jaw that needs TLC.

Feb. 10th
Spent several hours at Borders. Found a comparative religion book and wrote of my last meeting with Fr. Silva. Surprising things emerged.


LisaOceandreamer said...

ME =
drawing for you - didn't like, starting over
swaps - need to be started and/or completed ASAP
Studio - half done, other half still chaotic
Mailing you the toiletries - tomorrow
Mailing other things - maybe tomorrow
My patience - wearing thin

I'd say you are WAY up on the accomplishment dial. ;)


diana said...