Monday, March 12, 2007

Update on the last four boxes

Frida has been talking to the people in Ghor a lot these past days - all flights in and out have been grounded for a week due to bad weather. Fortunately the orphanage has recieved the first five boxes, plus (from an organisation called IOM) matresses, blankets,and wiring plus generator so they now have electrical lighting and hot water. There is now some effort going on for a new building.

Frida indicates that photos should be on their way as soon as the people up there recover from the humanitarian emergency that the terrible weather is causing. She's been helping them try to organise emergency medical evacuations etc.

The other boxes are probably in Kabul waiting for a break in the weather so that a plane can land in Ghor - two of her team members have been stuck there for days now, so they are all very impatient for the air to clear!



Thanks for keeping us posted Annie. That is so fun you met your friend up in Willows. Fun fun fun!

Star said...

I think this illustrates how important your efforts are--they are experiencing unexpected additional winter weather which makes the contents of the boxes so necessary. I hope they are able to fly in soon.

paris parfait said...

Wonderful news, Annie! It's warms my heart to see how your idea helped so many people.