Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Window with a View

There is a part of California's Interstate 5 that is tedious to drive through utterly beyond belief. It is the area between the bottom of the Grapevine at the southern end of the Central Valley and extends to the 580/205 connection which leads you into Stockton and the Bay Area. After that it is all about TRAFFIC.

But north of Sacramento and particularly north of Willows heading to Redding and above, something magical happens. The flat farmland changes to rolling farmland, grassland, and range land. It is surrounded by the Shasta National Forest and the Sierras to the east. Snow is so close you can almost taste it. For all the world, it reminds me of Wyoming. It feels just plain HUGE.

On the other side of Shasta, the farmland continues. It is rural in the extreme. After Redding there is nothing but small town exits that lead you somewhere else. One would think that this would be more tedium but in fact, what I found was miles and miles of interesting farms and barns. And so, I started clicking through my passenger window. Fortunately the sun was to the west and I was pointing east. The return trip was not nearly so photo-rich because of the sun and reflection. But here below are some of the wonderful barns of northern California and southern Oregon.


Naturegirl said...

Oh my you did pass by a magical place!How breathtaking your photos are! I LoVe the 4th one simply a dream with those mountains behind the cottage!Fairytales are made from these images!
Thank you for commenting
on my ~2ooth post!~
My ~blogiversary~ is the day after yours!! We had better get writing...healing wishes to you
tomorrow..hugs NG

Anonymous said...

Lovely deep roofed barns, they reminded me a bit of Switzerland with the mountains behind, and what romantic delapidated buildings, all that history and then nature slowly moving back in, great photos!

Susie said...

Love all the barns. We've made that drive quite a few times. You did a good job snapping through the window!

Star said...

These really are beautiful--makes me wish we had time to get further afield in the limited time we will have.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Fabulous photos Annie. We've traveled that route MANY MANY times and you are exactly right! We are thinking of driving up there for Easter as a matter of fact.(to see some friends). Oregon especially has some beautiful farm land.

Autrice DelDrago said...

Thanks for bringing back some childhood memories of CA for me. I can recall making this drive with my family back in the 1970's. I am so pleased that people have allowed things to remain in a state of beauty.

tongue in cheek said...

Simply called home. Thank you Annie!

paris parfait said...

Wonderful old barns. Thanks for posting these pictures.

Beth said...

Oh that is so pretty there! I really want to come to Cali one day soon and see all of the pretty sites that you show in your blog. Mom and I are going to go visit Jane this June, maybe next year we can come to Cali and meet you and all of my other wonderful friends there.

stephanie said...

Annie, what a beautiful drive! I'm so glad you pointed this out to me.

I just love this rolling country ride!

I'm off to explore your link to Carnegie!