Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Pirate and his first mate

This morning went as usual but instead of going to work I took Don to the medical center to have the first of two cataract surgeries. He got his first implant (as opposed to lens replacement) on his right eye. In two weeks he will have the left eye taken care of. Having the implants, he will be able to see without wearing glasses for the first time since he was 4-5 years old.

Being at the hospital reminded me of one of the important reasons I signed on with Jenny Craig - for the sake of my health. After years of taking care of a sick mom and more years watching my dad deal with cancer, I have concluded that if I actually have 25-30 years left in me, I sure don't want to live them in poor to declining health. With a history of heart disease and hypertension and strokes on both sides of my mom's family, I am a prime candidate for the same.

Yes, my self-image has suffered over the years due to lots of internal pressures, but those realities don't exist anymore, only the bad results that come with unconscious comfort eating and the old mind tricks that just have to be deprogrammed. In these last decades of my life, I want to experience things fully and with strength and clarity.

So, that being said, I'm off to take care of lunch and then leave for work around 1 p.m. Dr. Lee says Don (the pirate with his eye patch) did just fine and can be on his own.


Susie said...

Bill had this surgery in Nov. It made a huge difference in his vision.
No patch for him though!

AnnieElf said...

The patch is temporary Susie and he has to sleep with it for about two weeks. That's about it.

Mary Timme said...

I have the feeling that you and Don both see first with your hearts and with believing hearts at that. That is the most important way to see. Seeing with eyes is just icing, but so much fun. I'm glad you are looking at seeing yourself with your heart. You are so worth it!

trailbee said...

Kudos to the pirate! I'm due for mine in another month. Hope I do as well.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Thanks for the Thinking Blog Award some time ago. I have linked you over in my blog today ;-)

Anonymous said...

but those realities don't exist anymore, only the bad results that come with unconscious comfort eating and the old mind tricks that just have to be deprogrammed.

I know what you mean. I need to be more mindful of my health, and yet put it on the back burner. I do the same things that your talking about here. Change isn't easy, is it?

CattyCat said...

Congratulations to Don. Amanda had surgery about 3 years ago and went from very close to legally blinde to 20/20. The magic they do today.

And I hear in your words that you are going to perform the magic on yourself. I can hear in your words that your mind has changed, and the body will not allow us to loose weight if we do not reformat our brains. So you sound like you are going to be successful. All the best Annie. To your health and happiness.

Autrice DelDrago said...

Arrrrrrr! Now Don can speak Pirate as well as Cat.

I am glad that everything turned out alright for him.

Julie Marie said...

Snaps to you for recognizing that your hunger was for comfort, not food. I, too, have heart disease and diabetes running rampant in my family. I call it the "Munro curse", after my maternal grandfather (though his mum lived to be 98 years old!). I've been telling myself that I am destined for the same fate that befell Grandpa, Mom and various aunts and uncles. But I realize that this is just laziness, and that I can change my health. Maybe with you as inspiration, I can do it this time.

tongue in cheek said...

My prayers are with your three.
You have alot "on your plate" at the moment. Don procedure for his eyes, and your daughter, what, How did this arise?
Though you are on the right track, I feel for you, with your family needing you and you needing to be strong and healthy and working with Jenny. WHew.
I pray grace in each step along the way for you.