Sunday, April 22, 2007


A shared sorrow beyond words yet we reach out with words despite that.

We lost one of our own, we lost many. We lost sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, husbands, wives.

The same thread that separated loved ones from us too soon now draws us all closer together in a shared sorrow beyond words.

happy, optimistic, made time for everyone

filled with optimism, just starting out

an artist and dancer who lit out the stage

made you smile on your best day or your worst, she gave hope like a gift

wanted to be a doctor, a healer

delicate and soft-spoken, she shared what she had and remembered to honor others.

happy and filled with optimism for the future

blended engineering and music, creating a full and balanced life

G. V. Loganathan
husband, father, beloved teacher, who understood the big picture

quiet and shy but extremely forceful; you knew he would have made a difference in the world

Outgoing, happy, and giving

Curious, avid learner, an inspiration to all around her

Just unfolding and growing into a beautiful flower

He did so much and did it all so well; you would wonder when he had time to sleep

Full of life and up for anything; life was a series of happenings

Juan Ramon
Husband, teacher, smart, sweet, amiable

Her deep commitment to Jesus Christ gave her inner peace

Smart, loving; she went out of her way to help others

She always had a smile and thoroughly enjoyed life

It was all about sports, teaching, and enjoying people

A talented young woman, athlete, loved children; so young, a life unrealized

“I know it may seem kind of silly, but I think that all the small things and little joys in life make it worth living.”

Husband, teacher, multilingual artist and favorite of students

A Holocaust Survivor – he saved 15 lives that day before losing his own.

Husband and father who brought an almost child-like enthusiasm to his work

A big man, the LaCross team enforcer with a soft side that he was not afraid to show

Wife, mother, teacher – there was always a sparkle in her eye

Athletic and good humored, he was always looking ahead to the future

For all those victimized by the recent violence
at Virginia Tech University
that they be surrounded by God’s comfort and consolation
in the care offered by others.

May a spirit of strength pervade the
Virginia Tech community as a witness
to the power of forgiveness, hope, and reconciling love –
I pray to the Lord


paris parfait said...

The loss of innocents, no matter what age or station in life, is always a tragedy.

CattyCat said...

Thank you Annie for doing a perfect post here.

Tammy said...

Amen! Thank you Annie for giving them a voice. XXOO

trailbee said...


tongue in cheek said...


I have been away for nearly ten days...when I read about this on the net I was horrified.
Why America, Why?

Prayers for healing, forgivingness and grace.

Julie Marie said...

Thank you for giving me a glimpse of these Children of God. I had been avoiding reading about the victims in the newspapers. I had been so devastated by the events at Columbine High 8 years ago, probably because my daughter was a junior in high school at that time. I was just about undone by the story of the young man who never got to see the next installment of "Star Wars." Therefore, this time I didn't want to learn about the victims. But we must, mustn't we. And we must learn about the shooter as well, so as to finally learn to prevent the type of bullying that started him on this terrible road.

Janet said...

Thank you for doing this post. It's very special.

Anonymous said...

A very nice tribute. Thx for doing this.

tash said...

Lovely words. Heartfelt and peaceful.

Kahshe Cottager said...

A beautiful tribute. I was so saddened by this and the news reports that followed. This was so much more personal which just heightened the sorrow. Thank you....

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Thank you for bringing these wonderful people closer to our heart. My heart goes out to all those who knew and loved them one by one, and have to live now with this horrible loss.

Wanda said...

..such a touching post.

Thank you for sharing names...It makes it all so personal.

Jone said...

What a touching tribute. The news on this is so terribly sad. I pray for healing for all touched by this tragedy. May your day be filled with peace.

AnnieElf said...

From a friend Downunder in a note to me this morning -

"No words, only tears."

stephanie said...

Catching up on my visiting. Wonderful tribute to all and a reminder that each has a name and a story.

also enjoyed your day with Don, sounds just lovely!