Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Chocolate Triplets

Here we are, left to right -

White Chocolate , Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

We are the chocolate ladies all decked out in our browns and creams and caramels.

Sadly, Darlene wasn't well and could not join us after all but Angela and Wanda (White and Milk respectively) were wonderful. We are already planning another get together and hopefully include Darlene the next time.

Wanda is full of life and warmth and generosity of heart. Angela is a bit quieter (well a lot quieter) with great depth and keen interest in what is being said around her. She raised four kids (3 boys and a girl) now all grown if you can believe that.

It is a never-ending fascination to me that we can meet on-line and make such genuine connections. Meeting Angela and Wanda face to face today simply became a natural extension of a friendship already formed. We already knew so much about each other and there is a lot to admire about these two ladies. If you have not visited these two yet, please be sure to do so soon. They started blogging just recently in January and February and judging from my visits to them, they already have developed a great fan base and deservedly so.

Reflecting on the day, I realized that I've gotten pretty good at meeting my blogging friends. It started last summer with
Tammy, moved on to Vicci and then Vicci again this time with Lisa, Maryellen, and Biene (with quick drop in visits by my daughter and Maryellen's). Then in March I met Corey for a brief but exciting 90 minutes at the Starbucks in Willows as we were heading to Oregon for Erin's bridal shower. And now Angela, Wanda, and Darlene in spirit. But wait! It doesn't end there. We are headed for Oregon again in a couple of weeks for the wedding and then I'll have a chance to meet Jone and perhaps some others. What a rich and varied world these women bring to my doorstep. You have all helped me in difficult times and are following me through this evolution I'm going through as I lose weight (15.5 lbs gone as of this morning), let go of old heartaches, and regain my lost confidence. I'm blessed to know you all.


turquoise cro said...

AwwwWWWW! I WISH I could have been there too! lol SWEET! Yayyyyyyy Annie about losing that weight! I'm hoping to have a more encouraging week! GOD BLESS YOU!!! xoCinda

Gawpo said...

Wow. First!!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!

Well, if you and I don't meet when you are up here, I am going to be very sad. I will have to go and call me a WHAAAAAAMBULANCE. And if it doesn't work out, then we will have to get together in Turlock. Ever eat at Neto's? That is our favorite haunt. My friend John Thomas the dairy farmer and I always go there when I am in town. So get ready for a teency bite of linguica. But just a bite because I don't want to suffer any blame for backsliding! xo, Gawpo

Mary Timme said...

You are the best chocolate in the world, you three! Now what will Darlene be? Very dark chocolate? I hope she is better and not in so much pain. I'm praying for her an extra dose this weekend.

What fun that you could all get together! I love the picture! Three good blogging pals--I love it.

Susie said...

Glad you had the chance to meet your nearby neighbors. Looks like a fun time!

Wanda said...

This is "Milk Chocolate" checking in...What a delightful day of friendship and fellowship and love...Dark Chocolate said it all!
It was a "delicious" meeting!!!
Love and Hugs
MC aka Wanda

Bimbimbie said...

... congrats on the continuing weight loss Annie and I can that light beaming from your face *!*

Star said...

Apparently I do not live a blogger-rich area (which is not surprising). Hopefully I'll have occasion to be back out your way and will be able to join in the fun. Although brown is not really my color; do you think I'll still fit in?

AnnieElf said...

Julie, you can wear star spangled pink and you would fit in anywhere. Looking forward to the time when . . . Hugs, Annie

tongue in cheek said...

Well Hello there sweet ladies!
Annie you are looking so good!! I am happy you are sticking to your diet, and shedding pounds. I can tell you have lost weight, you must feel so proud and happy. It is hard to cut back and to take control of our eating. Bravo on your efforts.

Angela Marie I know, and love her style of blogging. Wanda I am off to meet.

How very lucky you are white, dark and milk chocolates!

[a} said...

You're so lucky to have met so many bloggers!!!! It must be an ethereal experience, to finally meet in the flesh someone whose words you have related to for ages.

Awesome about the losing weight, the recovery from sadness, everything!! xxo Chocolate-Lady

Tammy said...

I'm happy I was a first and lucky to have met your mom. I'm hoping to join you guys once I settle in Placerville. :)

tash said...

It looks like you've had a wonderful time - I often think it'd be fun to meet some of the gals online!

Have a good week!

Angela Marie said...

Annie, I am so proud of you on losing the weight! I know how hard it is just to lose 5 lbs. You Go Girl!!

A quote from the little book you gave me, "A balanced diet consists of the five main food groups: dairy, meat, wheat, fruit, & vegetables... and chocolate."

"Among life's mysteries is how a two pound box of chocolates can make a woman gain five pounds."

I Love Chocolate!!

Our meeting was a sweet one!

Carmen said...

I am so happy you guys met and had a wonderful time together and congratulations on controlling your diet.

PEA said...

Hi Annie:-) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...I always love "meeting" new people!! Oh how very lucky you are to have met Wanda in person...she certainly is a sweetheart!! I've met a few online friends in person but not bloggers...hope to remedy that soon:-) Take care and please come for a visit again soon!! xox

Lee-ann said...

O! Annie that sounds like the best day had by all.

I had to laugh about the chocolate's I am sure a little bit with coffe would have been nice remember I know what lovely chocolates you can find up your way my friend.

I am so proud of you to have lost 15.5 is wonderful and dedication too. keep it up!

I am away for a couple days but will chat about it when I return.

best wishes to you my friend Lee-ann

Kahshe Cottager said...

Way to go AnnieElf!! You have had some celebratory moments!!! Meeting blogbuddies and losing that weight - both something to smile about!


Gemma said...

Hi...Wonderful that you've got to meet so many blogger friends. This is the most amazing community. Such love and support and talent!
Have a good to find some chocolate.

Annie said...

Hi Annie-Elf, It's fine that you met sister bloggers. California has some lovely blogging-people, I see. I've been commenting on Wanda's blog for a while now. I shall have to watch yours and Angela's as well. Best to you from another Annie.

Beth said...

Well I definetly plan on meeting you one day too. My in-laws are up in the Washington penisula and we are due a visit with them. I have never been to Cali and would love to see it. One day soon, I hope!! It is fun to meet our friends for real and you do seem to already know each other so well.
What a fun time you had!

lila said...

You are really looking "fine", congratulations on your weight loss and on being able to meet up with several wonderful friends!
Let me know if you are ever coming this way again!

paris parfait said...

What a lovely photo! So glad you got to meet and spend time with lovely bloggers. Did ya'll plan to dress in the same colours? :) xo

LisaOceandreamer said...

What a great photo and such a joy that you all were able to meet. I know what a joy it was for me to meet you, Vicci, Maryellen, Biene and even Barbara in person!