Monday, June 25, 2007

Missed the Shot

One of the lighthouses we visited was Yaquina Bay Light in Newport OR. More about that later but I wanted to share this picture I found from Andy and Angie a couple who live in Corvallis, OR. They didn't have an email I could write to to ask permission to post their photo as an illustration of what happens when I put my camera away. Please click on their names to visit their site.
Don and I were walking on a hiking trail as we left the lighthouse. As we walked, a rabbit, much like this one, hopped out on the path almost at my feet. She sat there for a moment completely still and then hopped off into the underbrush. It was like she was saying "OK, take a good look because I know you missed the shot and will be kicking yourself after I'm gone."
She was right.

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PEA said...

Lol isn't that always the's when you DON'T have your camera with you that all these great opportunities happen! xox