Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Outside of Me

Sweet-faced man, chocolate and soft.
Surrounded by possessions secure in your cart.
What happened to you?
What is your story?
How do you smile through the sadness,
the loss?
Jacket warm.
Hands and face clean.
Heat of the day approaching.

What was that shyness I saw?
What was that embarrassment
as I handed you a cup of coffee
in the moment you were freshening up,
preparing for your day of seeking help?


Tammy said...

That was a beautiful, heartwrenching poem Annie. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem on a difficult topic. The photo stopped me and made me think. Such despair.

Star said...

Both the photo and poem are so powerful. Bless you for turning this into poetry.

Rethabile said...

Oh boy. As star says, thanks for turning it into poetry. Hits me harder as this past Sunday I saw someone huddled in a doorway, with one of those tender looks, but with nothing else.

"What was that shyness I saw?"

Annie, thanks for sharing.

Mary Timme said...

What two heart rending posts in a row. The demise of tree always hurt my heart and somehow even my soul. It seems almost like a well loved relative has preceeded me and I can't yet go. Bless you!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Your words truly hold such emotion!
I am so behind here so let me tell you also how happy I am for you and your success with the program you're on. It really sounds as though you are discovering a lot about yourself and are letting go of more than just the numbers on the scale.
Sending you love and hugs,

Angela Marie said...

Beautiful poem~

Naturegirl said...

You express this sadness so beautifully..a sadness I see in the city.

Lee-ann said...

Annie, it is such a wonderful thing to be on this earth, to be loved, warm and happy. your poem reminds us not everyone is lucky enough to hve these things or if they did they are now missing why! yes what is their story.

So nice to be home Annie and back blogging to see your lovely blog to today is a comfort to me.


paris parfait said...

A beautiful rendition of a sad sad subject. xo

Beth said...

Great poem! And pic was neat too!