Friday, July 13, 2007

Filling my heart at the start of each day

Carmen asked what we filled our cup with each day.
Each morning I go to House of Java before I go to work. I greet the day with my hot or iced coffee. As I sit there, I take out my journal and start writing. I had stopped for a while but now that I've started again I KNOW that this is what I need to do to start off my day well. It does not guarantee a good day but days are definitely better for doing this.
I'm not working today but I have a big writing project ahead of me. Java House is waiting.


stephanie said...

I have begun a ritual of going to the local coffee shop on Saturday's (as this is the only day I do not need to absolutely run out of the door) and either reading or drawing in my journal.

What a luxury to be able to start each day this way. Studio Friday today talk of not having goals, but I believe this is a goal that could really change the texture of my life.

Good for you to have discovered this necessity and making part of your life!

Kim said...


I'm a Starbucks girl - venti mild. When I'm not at Starbucks in the mornings you can find me brewing up either chai or ginger tea at home. ;)

Anonymous said...

"House of Java" that sounds like it would be very tropical and full of steam and gamelan music, good for germinating ideas.

Gawpo said...

Where is the House of Java, Annie? I need to go there next time I'm down. My treat, too!

Bimbimbie said...

Hope your visit to Java House was fruitful to your pen and paper *!*

Wanda said...

What a wonderful way to start your day...The routine won't be so easy when you retire...sometime work forced me to keep a better schedule!
Love and Hugs Annie