Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet Miss SunDrop inspired by Miss Robyn

I don't usually make dolls and soft images though I do like them very much. With time, and soon actually, when my sewing machine is up, I will be doing more soft creations. But for now I was fortunate enough to have a little random face that I attached to a soft little doll I had been gifted with a couple of years ago. To her I added wings, a shell belt, soft fibers and dried baby's breath. SunDrop has taken up residence with a few friends and is fitting in nicely. She in very shy but has a very sunny personality.
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Mary Timme said...

Shy with a sunny personailty. Cute, too cute. Can that really happen, I wonder? Can you be so attuned to your sun you don't react to your shy? Ah-ha, here I am thinking again!

Julie Marie said...

All you girls will have me so intimidated by the time I make my spirit doll that I will probably not make one!

I love yours!


E~li~si said...

There used to be a soft drink called Sun Drop...it is rare to be able to find it now.
The doll is very pretty!!

Lea said...

She is exquisite... Like your blog... I could sit here all day with the music and your musings... poems, heart felt posts, and revelations...

Thank you Annieelf for visiting, and yes labyrinths and celtic crosses are very connected, archetypal symbols deep with meaning that span time and space, bridging the here and now... XO