Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It must be quiz week. Here's the second one.

Well, I would have never guessed. I'm HARRY!! No wonder hubby likes me so much. He watches Harry Potter movies over and over again. This is the guy who has a very short list of movies he will watch repeatedly - To Kill a Mockingbird; Forrest Gump; Gone With the Wind; The Quiet Man - to name a few.

What Harry Potter Character are You?

Harry Potter

You are an outgoing, fun person. You like taking charge and you're a leader. You would do anything to help someone in need and you don't understand why everyone is so infatuated with you.

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Janet said...

The description sounds like you but I think you're much cuter than Harry!!

I love your hubby's list of movies! Mine watches anything again and drives me nuts!

AnnieElf said...

Hi Janet, Thank God I like his repeats (except for GWTW - go figure) I always leave when that one comes on. LOL

Anonymous said...

My husband really likes the Harry Potter books and movies which is the only reason I know anything at all about them. Left on my own I never would of read one of the books or of have seen any of the movies.

Glad to know you Harry. I'm Luna, btw.

lila said...

That was a fun quiz...I am the bossy know it all...Hermione of course!
BTW, Mr. Pear only likes really old "B" (as in "boring" to me!) western cowboy movies and occasionally "The Quiet Man" (because of John Wayne no doubt!)
We are watching and enjoying the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series...

Julie Marie said...

After reading the description, of course you ARE Harry!

My husband only wants to watch sports, the History Channel and the Hunting Channel. That's why I'm reading or watching TV in the bedroom. But he is eagerly awaiting - like me - the next Harry Potter book!


Gypsy Purple said...

This is fun....well off I go to see who I am

miss*R said...

oh I gotta do this. . .

miss*R said...

I am Harry too :)

Irene said...

Cool! I love Harry Potter! But I'm more like Hermione. ;p

PEA said...

Hermione Granger

You are a smart and intelligent person. You use your smarts to help out friends. You can be emotional at times but you always seem to be in the mood to help someone out.

Beth said...

I Love Harry Potter,,I so want to go see his new movie, but none of my gang want to go with me,lol.
And I agree with Janet, you are cuter than Harry!

Julie Marie said...

OK, Annie, I went and took the quiz.



Kim said...

Hi Annie,

This is so awesome! I took the quiz and it seems I'm Hermoine Granger.

Kim ;)