Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fragments of Time - Part I

Just one week ago tomorrow, Quanah was here with Erin but setting out to leave for Indiana. Now they are settling into their new life together in Fort Wayne. Erin is starting her new job, Quanah is going into year two of his job and much more confident than he was a year ago. And it is just now sinking in to me that a major phase of my life has ended.

This has been a recovery week for me. I have lost all the weight i gained and my desire to continue losing is still strong and soaring.

Friday I went through the remains of much of mom's storage locker. I have tossed and distributed much but still have one box to go through. I gave Dave what I had found yesterday including dad's video tapes of John Wayne movies he loved so much. Dave was glad to have them and left talking about the movie viewing for the upcoming evening. I wonder if Yolanda has any particular feelings about John Wayne. Hmmmmm.

Midweek, we noticed that our dove was sitting higher in her nest. Past experience has taught us that when this happens, the eggs have likely hatched. Usually we have two little baby doves but this time was different.

There you can see a little head barely visible beneath mommy's breast. We still don't know if there are one or two babies.
Saturday morning I was up early and noticed that mommy dove was not in the nest. This was the perfect time to see what the camera would catch. I carefully and quietly walked outside, looked around to see if mommy was nearby and then walked to the hanging plant that has become yet again another nursery. I don't touch the planter but simply reach in and point the camera downward. I did a 360 around the planter and ahah, there she is - one tiny little dove.
Mommy is taking very good care of me. Aren't I pretty???


Star said...

What a treat to get to see your baby. We have several mourning doves who are regulars on our deck to clean up whatever falls from the feeder (or what my husband puts out for them on the deck and rails)--we call them Hoovers because they can clean it up like nobody's business. I have never seen any little ones though.

AnnieElf said...

How funny Julie. Your DH definitely has a sense of humor. Little Hoovers. Totally cute. If you don't have any hanging baskets around, you might put one in a sheltered but visible area and see if you can attract a dove to nest. I've had this happen several times with different birds over the years. Some are so messy, but not doves.

Susie said...

We had a dove nest in our peanut cactus planter last year but the squirrels robbed the eggs..
I did get a picture of her nesting before it happened.
Yours is so cute..

Bimbimbie said...

Lucky you to have the doves nest so conveniently - great spot for mum to see all around her *!*

Kara said...

Annie, wow - that is big - you got through your Mom's storage locker. I know that is a hard thing and I was glad to hear you are no longer burdened by the task - okay except a box. Be gentle with yourself - I know it can trigger all sorts of emotion. I love that you finish the post with this baby bird photo. Too cute!

Naturegirl said...

Peace Love and Blessings the message here! Awesome! hugs NG