Friday, August 17, 2007

Poetry Thursday


Whistling patron
Shop-talking cops
Indistinct voices float from TODAY

Cold case generator purrs
Metal scoop grinds against ice

Blender commotion
Hiss of steam
Ceramic warmth on my fingertips
I sigh

Cash drawer slams
Tip jar jingles
Grocery carts rattle beyond the door

All join the silent passage of my pen on paper.


trailbee said...

Time to soar, Anne!

Star said...

You're on the poetry road! Yay for you!

Inspired Tokens said...

I feel as if I'm having coffee in a quaint coffee shop in a small town. Your writing is beautiful.

Tammy said...

I'm thrilled to see your poetry!!! I don't know how you can think with all the distractions. ;) HUGS

Mary Timme said...

I like it very much, boa sister! I'm looking into the only poetry class offered and then I think I'll delve into more design. I could use some more knowledge in that area! Neat poem.

Kara said...

Yeah for Annie - it took a moment to realize - ah I am in a coffee shop. Since I used to work in one this poem was particularly fun to read. I'm glad your taking this class and opening your poetic wings!

lila said...

Yes, I thought of a coffee shop too! (Maybe I have a one track mind!) Keep writing!

Naturegirl said...

You are a poet for sure!What a wonderful gift!hugs NG