Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rocking NICE

Many thanks to Jennifer for this award. Don't you love all these special acknowledgements that have bloomed all over the blogsphere? I think you all rock! I have met a couple of women recently that don't blog (yet) but really rock themselves. I'm honoring Shelly and Mary here just because they truly deserve to be known. You were introduced to Mary's house yesterday. There will be something about Shelly in the next couple of days.

Just as I'm about to post this, CattyCat sends a surprise my way - a Nice Matters Award. Darn, am I a lucky girl this week.

It is my pleasure to pass these awards along to:

The Friendliest Flower
Just Bee-Cause
Peacock Blue
Tongue in Cheek
Nature Trail


trailbee said...


Naturegirl said...

You nice rollin gal congratulations!
Thank you for passing one to me!
hugs NG

AnnieElf said...

Corey continues to have comment posting problems. Comments from Corey below -

Mary's houe:
Yes yes yes Mary's house is pure magic, nothing short of that. Her creative talented and that of her daughter's is amazing. I am glad you enjoyed your visit and found that Mary's home renews the creative juices! Happy Dabbling Annie !


Congratulations on such a fitting award Annie! Secondly thank you for awarding Shelley and Mary, that was thoughtful of you to mention them. Thanks for the nod in my direction too!

Janet said...

You definitely deserve this award. And thank you for passing it on to me. I feel honored to be in the company of the other ones you mentioned!

Your blog is always a "nice" place to visit.

Beth said...

Congrats,,you definetly deserve all the awards that you recieve as your writing and pictures are so inspiring!

Star said...

Wow; I'm humbled. My head just swims of late when I think about posting to my blog, but I'm thinking of trying out a meme sort of thing that I saw this morning. Maybe that will get me back into it.

Thank you, friend!

nonizamboni said...

Many thanks, Annie, from someone who wasn't sure anybody read my blog. Your kind visits are thoughtful and inspiring. I'll 'wear' this with pride!
Mary Ann

Carmen said...

Congratulations! They are yours because that's what you are Miss manners, and you rock!!!