Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Best Laid Non-Plans

Halloween has slowed down at our house considerably on a couple of levels - 1.) our kids are grown and mainly gone; and 2.) the location of our home does not foster a lot of door knocking and bell ringing.

Krista had this plan to hand out candy this year - she and Tanner in costume ready to say hello to the princesses and warrior and goblins and ghouls that might land at our door. Reality took her off to Starbucks to balance her checkbook and then home early after the misadventure of bad coffee (at Starbucks????) and the lack of a pen.

No one had come to our door yet so off she went to Pet Extreme with Tanner to return an item. No soon was she gone than the kiddies started arriving. And of course, not too much later we got a call from Kris say she was heading over to Meg and Art's house but she would not be late. Door answering was now in our hands. uh huh.

I took first shift but 30 minutes later DH took over and THAT is when the fun started. Don can strike some people as sort of a dour and serious guy if you don't know him. But there is something about October 31st and all that changes. DH loves the holidays. He decorates. He goes all out on gifting. He doesn't buy the cheap candy. He takes every opportunity that comes his way to be spontaneous. Don spontaneous????? Oh yeah. The king of think it out and look before you leap can really get into the swing of it with the best of them.

A first that happened this year was a hay wagon and horses all lit up in fairy lights going around our neighborhood. The wagon was filled with laughing children and after the last knock at our door apparently the wagon rolled through again. Next thing I know, I'm hearing lots of goofy laughter and shouting going on in front of our house. I amble out and what do I see but Don giving out the rest of our candy to the kids in the wagon (thank you God, no one else knocked) and one little goblin, in the excitement of the moment, asked DH if she could have the pumpkin bucket. MORE laughter as the bucket changed ownership. DH was the hit of the night and for a moment he was the Kandy King.

I love October 31st through January 1st. There is always something funny happening with my man and each year is different.

Remembering George in Prayer
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Julie Marie said...

I love the story of the Kandy King. I would have loved to see the hay wagon.

We had only a handful of kids here. They just don't come down our street.


Mary Timme said...

So much better to be the Kandy King than the candy man! I loved this story and one from Kai today. She has lost 3 frock sizes! I'm just so honored to know the 2 of you through blogging. You help make my day!

Janet said...

That hay wagon sounds great. Wish I could have seen it. And the Kandy King must have been a huge hit with the kiddies. My hubby is a bit like that, too. Looks very intimidating but is really a pussycat when it comes to the holidays.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Greetings and a hug to your man :-)

Lea said...

Don does not have one dour bone in his body!!!! I love the image of him crowned as the Kandy King, that makes you my dear the Queen of all things sweet!!!

Susie said...

What a delightful story! That wagon must have been fun to see :)
Glad you enjoyed the evening..

qualcosa di bello said...

what a sweet, sweet story! a horse-drawn, fairy-lit hay wagon - that is a treasure for you to see, i'm sure.

Bimbimbie said...

Wishing you lots of fun between now and January 1st and throughout of course *!*

Pear tree cottage! said...

How beautiful! to have that much love & joy in your that is life as it should be every day!

Your man is a true treasure yes give him a hug from me too!! please Annie.


paris parfait said...

The hay wagon sounds like such fun! And it's nice that the holidays bring out the spontaneity in your man! xo

Autrice DelDrago said...

You have the Kandy King - I have The Wild Man of Halloween. For some unknown reason, Better Half explodes with energy (frightening small children in the process. Haha)