Friday, November 16, 2007

How slowly would I like to live my life?

I would like to be riding a train, admiring fields of flowers as I pass.
I would like to be moving so slowly that I might
jump from the train, spend time gathering flowers,
and fashion a bouquet for my hands and heart to hold
as I re-board that still moving train.

I would like to stand at the back of the train
and watch cares fall away like gently floating scarves
caught on a wind to peace
and feel the fluttering kiss of their departure
on my cheek.

It is the slow and quiet moments from which I draw strength
when discordant life overtakes the gentle wind of peace;
discordance so swift, unexpected, and sharp
that even hardy wild flowers wilt beneath its heat.

The slower pace
offers the honeyed taste
of wildflowers,
fresh as wet from spring rain.

Bouquet's flourish of sprinkling freshness
reminds me to lift my face skyward and
breathe deep the cool, sweet air.

Touch, See, Hear, Taste, and Smell
I savor life from my slow-moving train.


UL said...

Hi, it's me again. I love the way you compare everything with a slow moving train, in the poem you have brought slowness to life, something worth cherishing and enjoying very very carefully. Thank you.

Linda said...

Oh, yeah, how lucky you are to have a slow-moving train! this is beautiful! ~Linda

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i was thinking how fast life was moving the other day; needed to look through photo albums and remember how much time that really was. i would like to slow this train down too

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Oh Annie this is beautiful!!!!

Bimbimbie said...

... waiving you on amongst those flowers *!*

gautami tripathy said...

Very visual. One great post.

Naturegirl said...

Annie beautiful words and images to go with them...lovely thought of a ~`slow moving train~~ hugs NG

lila said...

What a perfect way to see the world! (one reason I often drive rather than fly!)

qualcosa di bello said...

that has to be the very perfect post for your blog...che bella!

Julie Marie said...

What a wonderful poem, Annie. I especially loved the stanza about standing at the back of the train and watching cares fly away like scarves floating in the wind.


Stephanie said...

Love the view from your slow moving train....

Happy Birthday to you! so so many Scorpio's!


nonizamboni said...

You are a poet, indeed. Such a beautiful arrangement of images. I felt the kisses from the scarves, the taste of the wildflowers...
Hope that your birthday was as lovely as you and that your year ahead is full of savoring.

tongue in cheek said...

Ah I love when you write like this!
Soul humming!