Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Jill, over at Follow Your Bliss has invited us to share in our holiday traditions. After all of the sadness that has visited us for the past couple of months, this seemed like a wonderful way to start shedding some light around again.
We started purchasing Christmas mangers over 25 years ago. Our collection has depleted since the marriage of our son this past June but this is the perfect excuse to purchase more and start building our collection again. Here are a few that remain and remind us of the reason for the season.

My personal favorite - a small creche from Peru.

We also follow the tradition of either Krista or I going out with Don to pick up the Christmas tree. This year, since I was in San Francisco for the day (more to come about that soon), Krista went out with him. Don rarely goes alone. It just wouldn't be right. We always try to go to the same tree seller which, interestingly, happens to be at the local SaveMart grocery store. They have great trees and never cost over $20.00. Go figure considering the prices elsewhere. Here is one of our happy trees.

My favorite ornament.

We have few food traditions at our house. Chalk that up to me just not being terrible interested in kitchen activities. But actually, now that I think about it, this attitude may be undergoing a sea change. I've been searching cooking recipes and actually have ingredients on the counter set to use. If I actually do this, I'll have to memorialize it here so stay tuned.

However, on the subject of food tradition, Don DOES have one. About six years ago he started baking his grandmother's banana cake. Click here for the story. Considering he doesn't cook a lick, this is nothing short of miraculous. You just have to love this man. Family history means a lot to him and the love of tradition visits us every year now in the form of this delicious cake. But - other than that, well, thank God for Christmas goodies from the grocery store. And more thankfully, the kids didn't mind a bit.


Mosaic*Queen said...

thanks for sharing your holiday traditions with us!!!!

Mary Timme said...

Ah! Traidition! Like in Feddler on the Roof! Every family has them, they are glue!

Anonymous said...

I love nativity scenes so much and yet I don't own one :( must do something about that. A nearby town has a big christmas street festival every year and they have a live nativity scene done by one of the churches. Sometimes they even have a real baby :)

Leslie said...

Your mangers are so beautiful, and how thoughtful of your son to start taking some off of your hands so that there'd be room for more! Gotta love a kid like that.
Merry Christmas!

eb said...

last night at a Christmas party I saw a manger scene of cats - sooooooo adorable - a little kitty with a golden halo in the cradle...

yours are lovely

xox - eb.

Lea said...

I couldn't wait to come over here to see what delight you would share. I love your mangers, how wonderful to have a collection. I too have a favorite from Peru, the entire manger scene sits in a tiny, tiny teacup... and yep, do love that husband of yours... much love to you both!

tongue in cheek said...

I love the peeks into your home, it makes me feel i am there with you.

Happy Preparing the way for Christmas Annie!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tradition. Your collection is so nice!

Stephanie said...

I love your creche from Peru too! Snug in the beautiful bloom.

merry merry to you and your family!


Darly Dolittle said...

What a wonderful item to collect. Ive never heard of anyone collecting nativity scenes. They are beautiful as well as meaningful. I also joined Jill,s "Tradition" blog and found you thru her. Youre tree looks lovely as well and the music is divine.
Kindest regards,

Julie Marie said...

I have the Fontanini set- my little great nephews certainly loved playing with it.

I enjoy seeing your tree. I sent Dan alone to pick out a tree once. Never again. He came back with one with a great big gap in the branches.

He does make his Mom's no bake bars, tho!


Inspired Tokens said...

I love traditions, and I love the collection of nativities that you showed us. Beautiful.

Susie said...

Hi Annie,
I'm so enjoying your peaceful music as I catch up on a few of your posts.
Your Christmas nativity sets are each lovely. Your photo of the Friday sunrise is just glorious. I never tire of the beauty of the sky..