Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taking my tent down for a few days

I find myself, in the post holiday season, to be a bit at loose ends. Q and Erin left today to return to Oregon and I have writing and crocheting I would like to pay attention to 100%. So, I think I will fold my tent up for a few days and give myself a break. In the meantime . . .

Remember a few entries ago when I wrote about Don being stranded in Detroit airport for 30 hours? I found pictures from stockexchg and google to illustrate being stranded at the airport. Well, he's home safe and sound now and here are a few of HIS stranded at the airport pictures. These are HIS real deal.

What a mess!


trailbee said...

Those are shots are soooo cooold! Glad you made it back, Don.

DHLOL said...

To Trailbee:

Thank you! It was my first winter flight and cross country. Actually living in it I would not mind. I would just be prepared for snow-ins and road ice. Do not recommed traveling in it though.


trailbee said...

Lived in Montreal for 10 years-damp, unbearably cold winters, filthy salt & gravel laden snow/sludge after every storm. But there was something about it...... :)

lila said...

Enjoy your break!

Have a happy New Year!

Beth said...

Oh that sounds so heavenly, time to crochet and write. My world is still about moving but its slowly coming together. I took time tonight to rest and catch up with all my wonderful friends.
My step-brother had the same kind of problems with his flight out of Oklahoma City to Nashville. It got delayed because of the Ice Storm in Kansas City. He was suppose to get here at 6 p.m. this past Saturday night and didn't get here till 2:30 the next morning. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Enjoy your break.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Enjoy your solitude! I still not blogging yet but will be back 'next year'!

Happy New Year!


Julie Marie said...

I like the phrase "taking down my tent." I am finally getting around to commenting. I hope you had a blessed and peaceful holiday season.



paris parfait said...

Nic to see these "on the spot" shots. So glad he eventually got home safe and sound. xo