Friday, January 18, 2008

Kitchen painting 101

Four years ago I started resurrecting the kitchen. What was supposed to be a "get it finished NOW" project has become a long term and "work on it when I feel like" project. Well this weekend I felt like it. We have a 3-day weekend at work and it's slow this month so I picked up today to take off as well making it a 4-day weekend for me. Time to start working on the lower cabinets and actually FINISH the sink side of the kitchen. Click here and scroll down to see other cabinets finished a while ago.
After much thought, I decided to keep the lower cabinets solid and suddenly the entire project felt much more manageable. Here's what I've done so far. Stay tuned. More to come between now and Tuesday when I go back to work.

The drawers were finished ages ago. The mosaic work on the top drawer is my work made with found glass tiles from Scraps in San Francisco. Check Scraps out here. Fabulous place. The cabinet on the end will be stained to so the drawers will really POP.

Work in progress. Oven is new. Drawer beneath oven needs to be primed, painted, and stained. This gives you a good idea though of how dark this kitchen was.

Beneath the sink. Interior of the one door has not been primed and painted yet though the other side was. This is a good example of how hit and miss this project has been. Don is out running errands and when he returns I'll have a 1 inch brush so I can be sure to get all the detail work finished this weekend as well. So stay tuned. I'm feeling very motivated.


UPDATE - It's Saturday afternoon and I've finished all that I plan to do today. I may prime one last drawer under the oven but that's about it.


trailbee said...

I'm eager to see how much you'll get done. It still looks like a big project. Are you up for a Special Rewards lunch on Tuesday? I'm coming to school.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck with the work this week-end. It will end up a perfect sanctuary :-)

Stephanie said...

What a project! I love the tile work, great detail!

Kara said...

I love the mosaic idea. Good luck with your project it is a lot of work but worth the effort.

Wanda said...

Boy, do I take my hat off to you. I'm not a person who can do that!!
After that work is done..then I like to come in with my touches. Flowers, napkins, dishes etc.
You are a wonder!!!

Anonymous said...

Annie, Take me to Scraps!!!

Elaine said...

Annie, your kitchen is going to be so beautiful. What a fun project. I would love to go to Scraps sometime.

Mary Timme said...

It took a pro over a week to rip out and redo our kitchen after the floor had been done. One of the things that took so long was our center counter top which is 5 ft wide and over 9 foot long with a sink cut out. They kept breaking it and I think it took 4 times before they got it here. Took 3 more weeks before everything was done. We'd spent about a year with it grubby until we gradually got started and now we've replaced everything but the stove and mircrowave. It is so much work! I can't believe we did that 12 years ago! Seems like yesterday. Kitchens take forever!

AnnieElf said...

Scraps is a totally fun place. Anywone who lives within driving distance (I'm 2 hours away), should give it a visit.

Elaine - definitely a destination trip for us.

Anonymous - who are you? We can go!

Amber said...

Hi Annie! Saw you at Laini's. Just popping by to say "hi". :)

I love the tiles on the drawers idea!