Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Other Passion

While I've been busy with the kitchen, I haven't let my other passion, crocheting, slack off. I tried knitting for two years and just could not get past knit and purl. But crocheting has become an entirely different matter. I find myself digging into the instructions, googling for tutorials if a technique eludes me, and even have come to recognize when the instructions themselves have gone wrong.

I just finished the runner below. It is made from 100% cotton, my favorite fiber to work with. The runner is also my first granny rectangle. I've displayed it in the first picture so you can get a sense of its size. However, it was destined for the top of one of our bookcases and now the case looks so much softer; a much better look.

Now that I've finished this rectangle, I'm working on fingerless gloves. I've been working in wool and acrylics but I hear the cotton calling me again. I'm imagining some Victorian adornments to add to their delicate femininity. So stay tuned. I hope to have a cotton pair finished next week.


miss*R said...

I love crocheting, but I cannot for the life of me follow a pattern, so I have many square rugs!

Beth said...

Hi Annie,
Love the crocheting! I can only do loom knitting. Knitting needles and crochet hooks and my fingers just don't go well together. But I can go to town on a hoop. Hope all is well with you. I will be stopping by a little more frequently, life has been a little hectic. Mom will be having her back surgery very soon and life might get a little more hectic again. Whew,,and I am so ready for spring!!! Take care!!!

Julie Marie said...

I used to crochet, in my 20s. But I gave it up after a huge project (a halter top) turned out not to fit.

Beautiful runner.


Wanda said...

Busy Busy little Bee...look what you are creating!! And to use in your home, even better!! Love your touch!

Naturegirl said...

Annie I just love the new banner and the quote! Good job on the runner!
So nice to enjoy a hobby! Hopefully my time in AZ will show me a new hobby to keep me occupied! healing nicely hugs NG

lila said...

That is a softly beautiful runner! I think the fingerless gloves will be delightful. I have some which I knitted, and just love wearing!!
(Still liking your choice of music!)

Mary Timme said...

Finding what pleases you to do is such a neat gift and so much fun. I'm glad you are enjoying your new craft.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Annie, I adore the way you have drapped it over the shelf - purfect way to show your beautiful pieces.

It is so lovely to be visitng you today I feel like I have been away for months and I must now visit your other posts, I hope we will get photos of the finished kitchen.

Blessings my friend

Bimbimbie said...

What would we do without google I wonder *!*

paris parfait said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful when you accomplish something lovely like this? xo

trailbee said...

A fab runner, Anne! It is so beautiful.