Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It's January 2nd. I'm back at work. Vacation time is over. Every year, on or around December 19th, I leave work for a couple of weeks. Every year I think about all the things I will do during this down time. And, every year, none of it happens. Each year is different but the plans never pan out.

This year Quanah and Erin were with us for a few days as they accomplished the final leg of their return to Portland, OR. It was a joyful Christmas marred by only a hint of the heartache of November. New Years was quiet as it has been for the past few years now. Since the children have grown and mainly gone, we have tucked ourselves in for a warm night of togetherness and watching the excitement of Times Square.

So - Routine number one is accomplished - Holidays are behind us and all the ideas I had for doing this and that have been moved into my agenda for 2008. As I returned to work today I finally accepted the fact that Routine number one is not a practice run for retirement after all. It is, in fact, a time for me to JUST WIND DOWN.

But now I'm back at work and Routine number two has greeted me.

Structure to my days.
The ability to plan and
organize and
prioritize and
follow the plans.

If R#1 is a time to wind down, R#2 is a time to re-rev my engines.

I'm back to Jenny;
back to writing;
back to being open to inspiration.

I've finally GOT IT that I will not have a clue about my retirement routine until I RETIRE. There is no such thing as a practice run. So I will simply wait until the time is actually upon me (and no doubt forget this insight and have to remind myself from time to time). Have any of you experienced this. I'd love to read your stories of retirement.

Resolutions? None. Resolutions are meant to be broken. After all they are only more like guidelines anyway (Thank you Jack Sparrow) There is one thing though I am definitely going to do - replace my camera. My Canon is 3 years old with 4 mega pixels. This was excellent 3 years ago but I'm noticing that results are not so satisfying anymore. Perusing the cases at Target have shown me that low end cameras are now starting out at 7.1 mega pixels. Definitely time to upgrade.

And now - for a new addition to my routine.
Here is a post of a historic fact for this day in history.

1947 Mahatma Gandhi begins march for peace in East-Bengali


Inspired Tokens said...

Love your post! As for retirement....I'm still trying to get everything I want to do accomplished. There seems to be more now that I'm retired! Wishing you a wonderfully happy and healthy 2008.

tongue in cheek said...

March of Peace, that message is a strong one for this New Year. Hopefully we will learn it this time.

Happy New beginnings and days and moments ahead Annie.

Blessings to you and your family xx

Britt-Arnhild said...

I started work again today also. Felt low about it last night, felt good when I was back at my desk and with my colleagues :-)

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Annie, hope it's not too much of a shock going back to work,
Happy New Year and good luck for 2008

qualcosa di bello said...

as i was reading your post i kept thinking that you were describing living in the *now*...& that is why it is hard to know how we will live in the later. your wise words make so much sense...what a lovely new year message! :)

a happy & blessed new year to you & yours...

lila said...

Happy New Year Annie!

Work is truly a blessing as will be retirement when it happens!

You seem to be good at handling whatever is going on!

Happy New Year!

DHLOL said...

Just thought that I would let you know that it takes about a year to settle into a retirement rountine. And do not let retirement itself become a routine. :)

AnnieElf said...

Thanks dhlol. You are the BEST. But then you KNOW that don't you sweetie. Love you.

Lea said...

Hello sweet AnnieElf... it's good to be here soaking up your words and music! All the best this new year to you, Don, and your family. Your historic quote gave me chills...

Kahshe Cottager said...

Retirement is a busy time and sometimes you still aren't the boss, but on snowy, cold, traffic jammed mornings, you are the one in pjs with hot tea and a good book going "Nyah, nayh" out the window!

Welcome to 2008!


AnnieElf said...

Hah, Jen. I totally LOVE your attitude.

Lea - Good to see you. I'll be in S.F. in Feb. Meet-up perhaps?

Lila - Thanks! Interesting post topic - handling things. Hummmm.

Deb - living in the now is something I must constantly remind myself of. Just ask my beloved DH.

Inspired - I LIKE the idea of having even more to do in retirement. It will be all MY stuff and not someone elses, yes?

Tammy said...

I never make it to midnight. lol Good luck in the NY. I really LOVED your haiku!


Thinking aloud said...

I loved this is brimming with positive energy and i'm with you on the retirement plans :)

Wishing you a happening 2008!!!

Wanda said...

April 18, 2008 I will have been retired 5 years. I knew about six months before I turned 62 that I wanted to retire then, not wait until 65. We were in a financial place where I could make tht early retirement. One I knew for sure I was going to retire, my attitude changed. I tried to stay focus, but it was if I marked off the days one by one like a prisoner waiting for release. It was a good job and good people, but I had worked since I was 15, and had put 20 years into Property I was ready!!! And I've never looked back. I love my life of retirement.
Didn't mean to write a book, but thats my honest feeling on retirement.

Beth said...

Oh my retirement sounds so wonderful. I still have a few more years for that one though. I also headed back to work on wed., time sure flew while I was moving during the holidays. I hope winter flies by so I can soon be out in my new yard making alot of flower gardens.
I hope you have a wonderful and inspirational New Year too!