Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weight Loss Update, Poetry and Birds Galore

After a long stall with my weight loss efforts, it would appear that I've made a break through. After 10 months with Jenny Craig, I've lost and KEPT off 22 lbs. Most of this was off in the first 5 months when the great up and down struggle began. Then a great change happened.

I reconnected to Tammy S. a former piano student at the university in our department. She always struggled with weight and after her 2nd child had reached 250 lbs. Without going into a lot of detail here, suffice it to say that Tammy lost 105 lbs. and she did it the old fashion way - diet and exercise.

She was on the TODAY show recently and a co-worker sent me the video clip of her appearance on the show. My world turned upsidedown. Here is Tammy's clip. I believe if you copy and paste this URL into your navigation bar, you should be able to view her appearance.

It is very much one thing to read of people who have successfully lost so much weight. It is quite another to KNOW someone who did it and did it without benefit of surgery. Danielle, my JC counselor is, as always, entirely on board with me.

So, now I have a plan.
  • I'm walking with Krista now.
  • Using an electric wok Biene gave me
  • Altering stir fry recipies to reduce the calories
  • Focusing on reading nutritional articles
  • Reading books that increase my spiritual growth and
  • Books that educate me in Church history.
The picture at my blog title is a sunrise outside my front door. So - dear friends, wish me luck as I now get on to the business of seriously continuing my weight-loss efforts and welcome, WELCOME to my sunrise.


This morning I was over at House of Java at 8;30 and didn't get home until almost noon. I arrived with my Treasury of Catholic Wisdom, and interview with the poet
Romina Freschi, crochet patterns to study, and several miscellaneous items to look over.

The interview with Freschi turned out to be a revelation. I've been researching thoughts on idealism and suddenly I was face to face with a page of insights on idealism that will help me to continue as I gather my thoughts on a poem I'm working on entitled, Isle de Lyst.

Last week, I was deeply effected by a friend's loss of her job and the injustice of what had occurred. I found myself facing an aspect of myself I have not looked at too closely in a while -my deep seated idealism and strong sense of justice. I was so immersed in my reading that suddenly 2 hours had passed by and I need badly to get up and walk around. Leaving everying in the booth (I can do that without fear at HoJ) I started walking in a circle around the Raley's Center and parking lot. Along the way I ran across birds, flowers, and more birds. It was just the jolt I needed to shake the stiffness out of my neck and cleared my head for more reading to come. Here are few pictures from my walk.

This beautiful white dove was very content to pose for several shots before getting impatient with me.

No Ride Needed.

We Know the Way.


DivineArc said...

Wow, i really love the photos, and the music in your page is soothing and sad at the same time..=)

Star said...

Just checked in at your blog and read your post about your weight loss journey. It's wonderful that you were able to find new inspiration from a past student. I almost always have the Today Show on my radio at work in the morning (although I can't really concentrate on it much!) and remember hearing the story of your friend Tammy earlier this week.

I'm glad to hear that you are maintaining the weight loss of the past year and are excited about rededicating yourself to the Jenny Craig program.

Cheering you on!


Bimbimbie said...

Hi Annie. I like the new look and header photo. Wishing you lots of motivation to keep on moving along your track ... remember those birds know just how far you're walking. They must be your own support crew lol*!*

DHLOL said...

Please tell me that you did not leave your purse at HofJ, while walking around.

AnnieElf said...

Nope. Had it with me. That's how I ended up getting all the bird pictures. Have Purse, Camera Will Travel. Kiss Kiss

Mary Timme said...

I'm interested to find out what all the idealism and sense of justice had to do with reading for 2 hours without notice. Reason, I was always called an idealist and it was said as though I was stupid, so I'm wondering what meaning this has for you! Disscuss, perhaps!

Marja said...

hi Annie congratulations with your weight loss. That's great I started of well this year but lost it again. when their is stress at work I straight away start to eat and than I get of track. Will check out the link.
I so love the beautiful pictures. I love colours and these flowers are a delight for my eyes. Have a nice day.

Tammy said...

I am SO happy that I have inspired you to renew your journey. I think you are right to focus on the spiritual side of things as well - that was essential for me to see that I really was trying to fill my spiritual needs with food, instead of with my relationship with God. So, keep up the walking AND the reading, and you will find the peace and satisfaction you are looking for!


Pear tree cottage! said...

Annie, I know when I do came on over to see you at your blog I will always be seeing a little bit about you, your loves and those moments around you!! the photos are so lovely the flowers look so fresh as if they welcome the new season.

keep going dear Annie the winning posts are getting closer every day! your weight loss is wonderful, you must feel on top of the world!! (smiles)


Caitlin said...

Inspiration and motivation account for about 95% of the weight loss journey. I didn't have a lot to lose, but I did lose about 30 pounds a year or two ago and have kept it off with the aid of the free site, I'm not a marketer for the site, but you may want to check it out. There are lots of message boards there with all kinds of support as well as tons of tools to help you on your way. Though I'm sure you get a lot of the same from Jenny Craig, too. Good for you, Annie.

Beth said...

OH Dear Annie,,I am so proud and so happy for you! That is wonderful that you have lost that much weight. I know you feel wonderful. I am keeping my 20 lbs off that I lost in the fall,but haven't lost any more. After all of the dust settles I hope to get back in my routine. Beautiful post and picks. I need flowers to start blooming here, instead we are getting ice. YUCK!!!
P.S. I just got your necklaced mailed out yesterday. Sorry for the delay.

qualcosa di bello said...

woohoo!!! keeping it off ain't easy & that's something to pat yourself on the back about.

i must tell you the beautiful photos on this post were a sight for my weary eyes this evening...thank you!