Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Limitless Imagination & A Cereal Surprise

I am continually surprised by the beauty that is created with the tools at hand. The university art gallery has an interesting series of sculptures on display this month. However none are as interesting as the table being shown.

The artist poured amber colored resin in a circular form about 1/2 inch deep. Floating in the form were all manner of cereals, sugarcoated and plain, colors and shapes galore. Seeing this table was such a happy surprise.


vicci said...

How unique!!!!!!! Perfect for breakfast! How fun! :-) XO

Lea said...

Love this!

In the paper yesterday was a bit about someone who found flake of cereal in the shape of Illinois! Supposedly they are selling it on ebay for some astronomical price!!!

Beth said...

Very colorful!!!

Tammy said...

Yummy! We are going to Barbara's for Easter. ;)


Inspired Tokens said...

This looks delightful...they literally appear to be floating. A happy surprise indeed!