Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Day Six of Honoring Mary

As the seven days of honoring Mary drew to a close, I was looking through my Marian folder and found this photo of a Marian vignette I took at an antique shop in Old Clovis, CA.  I was struck by the light and how it seems to be drawing Holy Mother out of the shadows.  I titled my photo Lady of Light and then I went looking for an appropriate prayer to share here.  Imagine my surprise when I found a site devoted to Our Lady of Light.  I studied the site and found this message from Holy Mother that was received through an anonymous visionary who lives at the spiritual center dedicated to her devotion.
A Message from Our Lady of Light

Our Lady’s message to the Batavia visionary (December 29, 2003 at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center) concerning the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary:

My child, I greet you with love and send my motherly blessing to you and to all who have gathered here. I ask that you stay strong in your faith and help others whose faith has grown weak. Pray especially for those who have no one to pray for them.

Many have turned from God’s graces offered them and are lost in their doubt. If they return to the prayers of my Rosary, it will erase their doubt. Know that I will always come to the aid of those who call out to me for help through these prayers. I continually intercede to the Father for all my children so that they can be restored to His grace.

I have heard the words of your heart and I will help those you place before me, but remember that all cannot be healed as they wish, but will be healed as the Father wills it.

I ask that you review my messages given to you, and then take them into your heart. Realize that events foretold now take place and more will follow, as you were shown. Through prayer, outcomes can be changed. Pray also for the Holy Father. He moves closer to his glory. It is my hand that delivered the Church’s holy relics to this area for reasons beyond your sight. My hand also guided the Holy Father in establishing the Luminous Mysteries of my Holy Rosary. By declaring this the Year of the Most Holy Rosary, many souls have been given new light and new hope.

In your trials, go to Jesus. He awaits your surrender to Him. To suffer with Him is to have His peace within you. You are never alone. Be at peace. I will attend to your needs and will come to you when necessary. Continue to be humble of spirit and, by your example, continue to lead others to Jesus. Remain in the shadows and remain always in prayer.

I am Our Lady of Light and your Mother. Thank you for your response to my call.

Note regarding this apparition
Authority of the Church
Upon the approval of Pope Paul VI, on October 14, 1966, with the abolition of previous Canons 1399 and 2318 of the former Canonical Code, publications about new appearances, revelations, prophecies, miracles, etc., have been allowed to be distributed and read by the faithful without the express permission of the Church, providing they contain nothing which contravenes faith and morals. This means that no Imprimatur is necessary when distributing information on new apparitions not yet judged by the Church. (Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, S.A.S. 58 1186.)

The message contents of this website have been discerned by the Batavia visionary’s spiritual advisor and a panel of priests as containing nothing which contravenes faith and morals.


Miss Robyn said...

lovely Annie!
I have heard the words of your heart and I will help those you place before me, but remember that all cannot be healed as they wish, but will be healed as the Father wills it - something that is a difficult leasson.. but one I learned quite awhile ago.

Ginny said...

What a lovely photo, I never would have thought it was taken at an antique shop!! The prayer is quite interesting...

Pam said...

Lovely post Annie.

Ash said...

Beautiful post and photo!