Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day Three with Our Lady

My love for old church interiors and stained glass is known to all who have followed me for any period of time.  Today's post, dedicated to a week of Our Lady, has its source from the heart of Hettienne and can be found HERE

Saturday night we attended Mass at a small mission church in the farming community of Stevinson, CA.  This community of mainly Portuguese and Hispanic families has cared for this small church for generations. For such a small mission community, the members are very active and the church was filled, even for a Saturday night. 

I was impressed by its simplicity, especially the Apse (the altar area) with its simple wooden alter and plain back wall.  There was no Tabernacle present and I learned later that this particular church had never had a Tabernacle.  It was never a parish church and was and is only open just before Mass.  For this reason, the presence of the Body and Blood of Christ was never housed here.

It's beautiful stained glass windows

Glory to you, Virgin Mary,
blessed servant of the Lord,
Mother of God,
dwelling place of the Holy Spirit


Miss Robyn said...

you are so blessed to have such wonderful churches so near!

Hettienne said...

Your post and pictures brought shivers to my spine and polished the windows of my heart! thank you for participating!