Thursday, March 08, 2012

This ain't your Paris flea market

After Saturday's adventures at the Paris Flea Market (see post further down), it was time to go out and practice my slowly evolving Spanish with mi cuñada (my sister-in-law), Yolanda . I hadn't been to a flea market in years and never to one attached to a livestock auction.  In fact, I've never even seen a livestock auction. So, Monday was a first.

There were no "large" animals this day.  It was mainly chickens (a huge variety), goats, llamas, and I even saw an emu (though she was insistently shy and would duck out of sight whenever I had her in my sights.

I always get the biggest kick out of goats.  They get themselves in the funniest positions and no place is sacred. If it exists, a goat will find its way in, on, or under.


The llamas were curious but I have a healthy respect for their spitting skills and keep a safe distance.

And what would be a day at the flea market without a taste of taco truck food.  Yo and I drove through an area on our way to the flea and amused ourselves by counting the number of taco trucks we saw.  We started to lose count at ten.  Then we arrived at the flea and found fair food galore.  We enjoyed tacos and burritos at one family truck and I caught this picture of the Asian food truck right next to it.  I'll have to check that one out when I go again. The produce was fabulous and where was my mind????  I didn't take any pictures of the many unusual foods I saw there but be it tamarind, jicama, nopales, chilacayote, or spiny cayote, they were all represented and more.  I'll have to return just so I can get the pictures and create a foodie post.


Ginny said...

YES, go back and get food pictures!! Yo are right about the spitting, my D.I.L. got it in the face once!!! Your comment about the goats is right on!!!

Jeanie said...

Hmmm. All those llamas and goats -- a "flea" market indeed! Looks like a great time -- would love to see the food pics, too!

Marja said...

A wonderful market I love markets Never been to a livestock market either except in my birth town they have each year a horse market.
I like goats too we had two behind our house They were cute when they were small but kept escaping when they got big.

Beth said...

I Love Flea Markets,,we have a big one here in our town, once a month. Last week-end they started setting it up on Thursday only to have to take it down Friday because of the chance of Tornadoes. Flea Markets and tornadoes do no mix well.
Love all your pics!

Lea said...

Truly this was not Paris, but what an abundance of so many different sights, smells, and tastes! I went to many auctions as a kid, both animal and antiques. Those goats have a lot in common with my dogs... esp. Leo!