Thursday, April 26, 2012

North and South

The edge of the Northern camp held supply wagons, a red cross wagon, and

horses were standing by to quickly move artillery from one place to another.

Officers' wive may have followed their husbands in the encampments.

And here is the medical tent was the Sister of Mercy again, a nurse in the fashion of Florence Nightingale, and a medical doctor. 


The camp was orderly

and the shade comforting on a very warm day.

As I left the camp, I strolled through open range land, the grounds speckled with tiny lavender and white flowers.

As I entered the Southern camp, artillery guarded the entrance on both sides of the road.

Safe passage was allowed through the camps for civilians

 Planning was in full force within the tent at Southern headquarters

 As I left the Southern camp, I noticed soldiers on the outskirts watchful of Northern aggressors.

 A returning unit

 A lone soldiers approaches camp, the artillery again detracting from the otherwise peaceful scene.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Lovely pictures.

Ginny said...

Everything looks so white, new and clean. I imagine it wasn't like that in real life.

Annie said...

You are right, Ginny. I thought the same thing. No, definitely not reality. I've seen some camp tents a little messier at other events.

Lea said...

Annie! This is fascinating! I feel like Ive been transported back in time! Do you know the civil war song Two Brothers? I heard it once in 5th grade and have remembered it ever since.

And yes your sown gold will prosper and grow and bring you much joy... XO

judie said...

Interesting. I have never thought about a civil war camp. Thanks for the history. xo

Pam said...

I am enjoying your Civil War re-enactment posts Annie.

Felisol said...

I am amazed by all the correct little details in your photo report. Best of all; everybody seems to be having a good time, the faces are peaceful, but eager.
I know Norwegians were combating and dying on both sides in the real battles.
Even Margaret Mitchell wrote in details about the horrors of the Civil War in Gone by the Wind.
(Which is my best source of knowledge of the theme.)

I'm impressed by this peaceful play for adults to take part in.
You've done a stunning job as reporter.