Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Farmer's Market

Fresh Food Foodies! - Our season has started.  Last Friday was the first of our Friday Framer's Markets that will go through September.  Flowers, produce, cheese, humus, olive oils, salsa, jewelry, popcorn, and Shakespeare.  What?  Shakespeare?? 

Yes indeed. Our local university is holding their annual outdoor in the amphitheatre Shakespeare production.  This year it's an updated Comedy of Errors involving two sets of twins, mistaken identities, frustrated lovers, feuding households - all the necessary ingredients for a silly, zany evening of family fun. And the fun found its way downtown letting the community know about the upcoming fun and frolics.

Onions and strawberries shared a table

Yellow flowers teased us with their pretty brightness but . . .

. . . best for me were the charming succulents in the hypertufa bowls. 

I'm picking up another one this Friday to add to my shade garden.  Where once was dirt, will now live succulents in abundance and Holy Icon garden statues.

By the end of summer, I will have such a wondrous garden to share with you.

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Stephanie said...

My very FAVORITE time of market time!!!

Yours look so full of life