Monday, June 18, 2012

Another in My Occasional Series of Book Reviews.

Once in a while, I feel moved to review a book I really really like and shout out a recommendation.  I really like a good scary story.  I like that whole zombie, vampire, otherworldly genre.  Dean Koontz really does it for me.  Love his characters.  Odd Thomas and Christopher Snow are terrific characters.

So, when I picked this up new title by J. N. Duncan (a new author for me) realizing that it was book three in a series,  I figured if I liked it, I would pick up one and two and then carry on from there. Unfortunately, considering what I have read here, I would be saying the same thing even if it had been book one or book two.

While the characters and ideas are intriguing and this storyline is interesting, the writer makes liberal use of the F word throughout the story. And, this also includes F in combination with religious oaths that upset me a lot.

This liberal use of F contributes nothing to the story or the characters. At one point, I read the author's book bio because only the first and middle initials are used with the last name. The short bio on the last page gives no clue as the writer's gender but whether male or female, I'm not wasting my money on another book in this series. The language is way too distracting which is really too bad because otherwise, it would have been a worthwhile series to pursue. 


Janet said...

I feel the same way about books and movies...way too much of the F word. It usually doesn't contribute much to the story or the character.

Ginny said...

Too bad. Kind of ruins the whole path of the story for me.

Pam said...

I don't think language such as that ever really contributes much to anything. Teaching in the more difficult schools, it's rife. I try to reinforce, "right actions, right speech - and practice a good heart" but media influences and peer pressure, and yes, often some literature tell them otherwise.
I can tolerate a well-placed explative but excess is tedious and to me, boring.
...and yes Annie, the bunny is a Nun, though that statement looks quite strange out of context!x

Jeanie said...

I always appreciate honest reviews that help guide me toward or away from something. This one doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Thanks for the heads up.

Donna said...

A couple of series in this same theme that I LOVE are the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and The House Of Night series by Kristin Cast and P.C, Cast which is her daughter. I love the author Charlies de Lint too - wonderful characters.

Annie said...

Thanks. I'm looking for a new read. I'll check out these recommendations.