Thursday, August 02, 2012

WFMAD - Day Two

Day Two of  Write Fifteen Minutes A Day starts now.  I'm not even waiting for the prompt.  I'm feeling the need to start now and I already have the subject at hand.

This whole post started out as a Facebook dialogue between myself and FB / personal friend, Rosemary who is currently studying law in Pennsylvania.  Below is the FB dialogue.  Then comes the business of cafes, restaurants, and coffee mugs.

Annie Jeffries Pretty. Not too far from where Don grew up.

  • Rosemary Fehlner When I have land for a garden again, I will be ordering from here and similar places. :-)

  • Rosemary Fehlner I just thought the mugs were so pretty...I have a lot of coffee mugs. When I moved to the Burgh all I had were coffee mugs and wine glasses. I remedied that by going to TJ Maxx.

  • Annie Jeffries Don and I seem to have, quite by accident, started a collection of cafe/restaurant coffee mugs. If we had been able to buy a mug at Tim Horton's in Steubenville, that would have been the first in the collection. Alas, all I have is a photo. I should go online and see if I can order one that way.

  • Rosemary Fehlner You probably can, or just go to a rest stop near Canada. They have them along the NY Thruway near the Canadian border. Maybe you can take a trip to Washington state.

  • Annie Jeffries Visited. Alas, no mugs. Just travel mugs and thermoses. Then I went to the email to whimper about wanting a mug and and the double durned email didn't work. Me and Tim Horton just aren't interactive. **sigh**

  • Rosemary Fehlner Apparently, check Amazon, they carry some TH stuff.

  • ******************************************************************************

    The saga of me and Tim Horton coffee is a long and sad one.  Tim Horton first appeared in my life HERE.   Rosemary was witness to this Debbie Downer event and my son Quanah reassured me that this was a pretty typical example of  culture clash between town and gown mentalities.

    Sometime after missing out on buying a mug (read link above) we (meaning ME) started buying mugs from cafes and not necessarily when just traveling.  Some of my favorites are from my own backyard.  But, this last time around when Don was traveling to Indiana with Quanah, he picked up a mug from JB's Cafe in Evanston, WY.  That got our collection to five: Hamilton's Cafe, Bubb's, Expresso Cafe, Cycle Java in Williams, AZ, and now JB's is added to the list. 

    But the chat that got started so innocently about heirloom veggies this morning quickly veered off into Hortonland.  Rosemary suggested I travel anywhere up near the Canadian border.  Yeah, right.  Possible by not anytime soon.  Next suggestion - Amazon.  So I went to eBay first.  I struck gold and I do mean GOLD.   Everything was collectibles and limited editions with starting prices at $39.00 and upwards.  There was one random $19.99 but really.  REALLY??? 

    How badly did I want a Tim Horton coffee mug?  Not $20 worth plus shipping.  So I sat back and thought about it for a moment.  I could check Amazon (which I did. It was a bust).  Then I thought about Quanah's new home.  Indiana is in the Midwest.  Indianapolis would surely have a Tim Horton's Cafe.  Uhhh, no.  There is exactly ONE Tim Horton's in all of Indiana and it is in Richmond.  I wonder if that is anywhere near Indianapolis?  I think I'll go to Google Maps and find out.


    Felisol said...

    You've got a true collector's mind and heart.
    I easily recognize them through my own.
    Tim Horton is not on my repertoire though.
    Good luck, he who searches shall find.

    deowriter said...

    This made me smile. I gave up drinking coffee two years ago and the mugs we collect now are from a potter in Flagstaff. But I know that search and how difficult it can be to find something. Good day 2 post.

    ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

    Great post ~ how wonderful you are writing everyday ~ I write haiku and journal each day ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

    Lea said...

    I like that you wove your FB writing into your blog writing and your month long practice... somehow I missed the original TH coffee mug story... wow. Blank stare. Deer in headlights... and you have such a cute smile... Next time you are here, I can guarantee you a good pull with wifi, can't guarantee the mug though...

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